spring lawn care services near miamiYour lawn is an important part of the ecosystem, protecting your land from erosion and noise and even boosting your home’s value. Now that spring is here, what are you doing to keep it in perfect shape?

Hiring professional landscapers is always a good idea. There’s a good reason why lawn maintenance is a $99 billion and up business

Beyond that, however, there are everyday things you can do on your own to keep your lawn looking beautiful. Here are some spring lawn care tips for Fort Lauderdale/Miami area, specific to your needs!

Even Out the Ground

A lawn dotted with bumps and dips is just asking for trouble. Water and nutrients have a tough time getting to the right areas leaving your grass looking patchy.

Depending on what kind of grass you have, it might grow a thick mat of roots, preventing water from filtering through. This is an easy fix that takes an afternoon at most.

Use a shovel to even out the little holes and hills that make your land uneven. Clean up leaves and branches and pick up after dogs, too, to keep the ground free and clear.

Plowz and Mowz outdoor services blog about on demand yard work, lawn mowing and snow plowingMow the Right Way

Before your first mow of the spring, take a moment to tune up your lawnmower. A fresh blade, full tank, and clean undercarriage can make mowing so much easier.

Don’t cut down too far on your grass. Mowing high, at three to four inches, is best.

Aerate the Ground

Compact soil is dry and hard, making it difficult for your plants to thrive. See if a garden fork gets stuck less than two inches deep in the ground to see if you need aeration.

Going through your lawn with tools like a core/plug remover helps break up compact soil. You need to aerate your ground before fertilizing or watering it to ensure you have the best looking lawn in the neighborhood.

Weeds and Pests

Insects, rodents, and weeds also love the warm weather. They’ll appear in spring to do some damage to your new growth.

Apply an anti-weed treatment to your lawn once a month. You’ll tackle any weeds that spring up and prevent new ones from starting.

Similarly, there are products to help you manage any insects, like beetles and grubs, that think your lawn is their next snack. Take preventative measures before they do too much damage.

By keeping your grass at a tame length can discourage rodents from making their way toward your home. Similarly, picking any ripe fruits and vegtables promptly from your garden when ready will limit their food sources near your home.

Overseed and Fertilize

Once you’ve got a good look at your lawn, notice if it seems a little bare. Patchy grass or brown spots can be handled by overseeding and fertilizing.

If you’ve aerated your ground, evened it out, and cleaned up debris, it’s time to promote growth. Spread out fertilizer and add plenty of good quality seeds to the ground to make your yard look beautiful.

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Spring Lawn Care Tips for Fort Lauderdale/Miami

These spring lawn care tips for Fort Lauderdale/Miami residents will help boost your property value and ensure you have a beautiful green space. Florida weather is great for growing a healthy, thick lawn.

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