Hire the best landscapers in the greater Tampa AreaSpring weather is approaching, and the warmer months will be gracing your lawn. You can be the envy of your neighbors by taking care of your property.

Whether you plan to have backyard cookouts or you’re trying to improve the curb appeal, follow these spring lawn care tips for Tampa, FL. 

You’ll have everyone asking for your secrets.

Ground Prepping

As the temperatures rise, the ground should soften and be prepped for the spring.

One of the first things you’ll need to do is remove leaves and debris from the yard. If dogs are in the area, you might have some surprises hiding in the grass.

Check the ground for uneven levels. Depressions in your lawn can cause improper drainage or pooling when it rains. 

Uneven peaks will get blasted by the lawnmower shooting dirt and grass everywhere. Grab your shovel and make sure to grade your lawn properly.


When all the plant life blooms in the spring, it’ll be too late to add fertilizer. Keep an eye on the forecast and watch for the first warm week.

A couple of days before the warmer temperatures, fertilize your lawn to give it the nutrients it needs to last throughout the summer.

The fertilizer will give your grass strong roots and stems to repel disease or drought. If you can’t do it, call the professionals who will treat your lawn like their own.

Repair Any Damage

There’s a good chance you’ll encounter some bare patches. To repair this damage, you’ll need to do more than throw some seeds on the ground.

Take the time to aerate the soil. You will loosen it up and allow air, water, and sunlight to help the grass grow.

As you re-seed the area, go ahead and overseed the rest of the lawn. You want to cover any thin patches. 

If you’re not sure how much to overseed, don’t hesitate to ask your trusted lawn care professionals.

It’s Time to Mow (Almost)

It’s tempting to break out the lawnmower and start cutting the grass as soon as you see your neighbors do it. 

Wait a few more days.

If you mow too early, you might damage the spring blades of grass. Let your yard look a little overgrown before the first trimming. You’ll get healthier thicker blades.

The fertilizer you had put down will promote faster growth.

Remember to set your lawnmower blades at the highest possible setting. If the blades are too short, weeds will have enough room to grow and flourish.

The long blades of grass crowd weeds and stunt a possible takeover. Make sure you’re only cutting a third of the total length of the grass.

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Follow These Spring Lawn Care Tips for Tampa, FL

The way you take care of your lawn is a reflection of who you are as a person. Don’t let people think you’re lazy and unkempt. 

These spring lawn care tips for Tampa, FL will give you the perfect lawn.

If you’re ready to take your lawn care to the next level, contact us today so we can do all the hard work for you.