man mowing a cool design into the yardLiving in Orlando, FL means hot spring days and even hotter summer days. Before the hottest months of the year hit you, you should start planning some lawn care maintenance. As the winter leaves your lawn brown and at its weakest point, spring is the time to rejuvenate it back to health. 

All lawns have different care tips depending on the area you live in and the general weather conditions. Because of this, it’s essential that you follow a few spring lawn tips for Orlando, FL residents. This ensures that you give your lawn all of the essential care needed to live healthy in Florida. 

Continue reading below for our list of a few of these tips to keep in mind!

1. Clean and Rake the Lawn

The first thing you want to do is clean your lawn. Be sure to walk through your lawn removing all twigs, fallen branches, dog feces, and other debris left from the winter. Once your lawn is cleaned up, you can then begin to rake it. 

Sure, you raked your lawn in the fall and removed all leaves then. It’s still essential to rake your lawn in the springtime, however, to remove thatch build-up. Any grass blades that died over the winter will be removed when you rake with a good amount of force to break through the soil. 

2. Mow Once a Week

It’s ideal to mow the lawn once a week. Be sure to mow at a higher setting to keep your grass blades longer in the spring. When grass blades are higher, there less chance of weeds growing. 

Do keep in mind, that some grass types require a certain height to thrive. Be sure to pay close attention to the type of grass you have and the ideal height for that type of grass. 

3. Prepare to Fertilize 

As soon as spring approaches, prepare to fertilize. After winter, your lawn will benefit from fertilizer, which will give your lawn its essential nutrients. Do a pH test on your lawn and then choose a fertilizer with the right amount of acidity to keep your lawn happy. 

If you don’t want to have to worry about fertilizing your lawn frequently, you can look into a slow-release fertilizer. This will give you more time in between fertilizing days. 

4. Conduct Aeration 

Aeration is what helps air and water flow through your lawn properly. Over time, your lawn can become compacted due to several different reasons. Even if your lawn doesn’t seem compacted, be sure to conduct aeration in the spring. 

There are even aeration shoes that you can buy, which makes the process a sinch! Simply place the aeration shoe covers over your shoes and walk around your lawn. The shoes will do all the work for you.

If needed, you can then apply grass seed to brown areas of your lawn. 

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Follow These Spring Lawn Tips for Orlando, FL Residents!

If your lawn is in need of some care for the spring, then follow these spring lawn tips for Orlando, FL residents! 

Doing so will help keep your lawn in the best condition possible! For more tips and helpful information, be sure to visit us regularly.

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