PLOWZ VIP is here!

How would you like to stay nice and warm this winter and never have to worry about what’s going on outside? PLOWZ VIP is an optimized recurring service program that PLOWZ & MOWZ has implemented using new state of the art technology. This exclusive service will monitor the snow in your driveway and automatically deploy a driver to remove your snow as soon as it gets too deep. With the help of our friends at Dark Sky, the most hyperlocal and accurate weather service, we’ll know exactly when and how much snow is in your driveway.

Don’t wait!

To make sure all PLOWZ VIP members have the best experience, we’re limiting the number of members that can join this season. Along with a recurring service, you’ll also get priority on routes so your driveway will essentially skip the line. We will find the closest 5-star provider and send them over as soon as possible to get you unburied! You get the absolute simplest and best snow plow service in the area, with no contracts, no hassle and no worries!

Automatic, Hands-Free Snow Removal

How will we know when to start warming up the trucks? Well, with Dark Sky, we are able monitor snowfall at a neighborhood level. All you have to do is just choose if you would like us to come every 4 or 6 inches, and we’ll take care of the rest. You will enter this information once upon sign up and never have to worry about it again. Along with the level of snow, you will let us know the maximum amount of PLOWZ services you would want to be done in a 24-hour span at your property in the case of heavy snowfall. All of this information can be altered at any time, but we are able to make this winter as hands-free as it gets!

No Contracts, Big Savings

Now the question that is on everyone’s mind… How much does all this cost? The PLOWZ VIP service is just $9.99/month. The card on file will automatically be charged $9.99 on the day you sign up and every 30 days after that. The charge for each PLOWZ service will be based on the driveway information you have chosen. In fact, signing up for PLOWZ VIP can save you up to 40% over a traditional plowing contract. You also have the ability to cancel your service before you are billed each month and you will not be charge for the next month. Similarly, if you’d just like to pause the service that is possible too and you still have the ability to place one time orders while your VIP service is off.

Want more than a snow plow?

That’s not all! 2017 will be forever known as the year of dry clothes. PLOWZ & MOWZ is now adding walkway shoveling as an add on to PLOWZ this season. No one likes coming into the house after shoveling for hours with wet, soggy clothes you have to set by the fire while you get the feeling back in your fingers and toes. Instead, let us freeze our butts off for you! In an attempt to cut down on frostbite, we are very excited to introduce the option to get any of your walkways (excluding sidewalks) shoveled this season. We’ll get you right to your front door so you can avoid that weird hop-run-dance you do through piles of snow because you, for some reason, think less snow will touch you that way…?



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