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Why do you need lawn fertilizer service?

Bare spots in your lawn are the first sign that your grass might need more nutrients. Grass is a plant that needs nutrients to survive. If the soil where each blade of grass is rooted does not have the proper nutrients available, the grass will starve and die. This leaves an uneven appearance in your yard, and also gives weeds the opportunity to flourish. Most common weeds can survive and even thrive in harsh conditions. They are typically more resilient than grass, which is why they are so difficult to stop. Once they appear, they can spread rapidly. Weeds love bare spots in a lawn, because they have no competition. A thick cover of grass will provide that competition to weeds, and strong, healthy grass will win out. Applying fertilizer throughout your lawn also makes sure the nutrients are evenly distributed over the entire yard. You may have noticed that grass grows better in certain areas of your yard, while other spots are bare. Fertilization treatments can help with this issue. A lawn with even thick, lush grass is more attractive. The increased curb appeal is great for your home value, and your friends and neighbors will appreciate it as well!

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Nutrients your lawn needs

Just as children need to drink their milk and eat their vegetables to grow big and strong, your lawn needs nutrients to grow to its full potential. The three main nutrients your grass needs are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Nitrogen in the soil helps promote leaf growth, in this case, the blades of grass that you see. Phosphorus helps the development of a strong root system. When the roots can absorb all the nutrients they need, your grass will be more resilient. The system of roots beneath the soil will also help prevent bare spots in your lawn. Potassium helps the stems grow strong, which also helps water move throughout the grass.  This means your grass will be better able to use any water in the soil. More efficient water use can make lawn care easier. The difference between most fertilizer treatments is the proportions of these three main nutrients. The proportions that your lawn needs will depend on the nutrients already in your soil, and the type of grass growing in your yard. Many homeowners will use a landscaping company since they have expertise in their area and can efficiently give your lawn what it needs!

How organic lawn care helps your yard

Organic fertilizers are made of living or once alive materials. Some common examples include animal wastes and compost. Some of these organic fertilizers can also help build “better” soil. While this doesn’t benefit grass growth directly, it can indirectly improve your lawn. Depending on the current condition of your soil, this extra benefit may make organic lawn fertilization a better choice. Another reason homeowners choose organic over chemical fertilizers is their effect on the environment. “Synthetic” fertilizers often use non-renewable resources. Of course, manure and other animal waste can contribute to environmental pollution as well, meaning neither solution is perfect for the environment. Another issue with “organic” fertilizers is their definitions. Industry standards can vary from company to company and state to state. If you are concerned about the environmental impact of your fertilizer, we recommend more research and choosing a trusted landscaping company.


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