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What is mulch?

Mulch is simply a layer of material laid over the top of your soil. This material can be made out of almost anything, however mulch is typically organic. You can use mulch for garden beds, flower beds, lining the edges of your yard or just to change up the appearance of a section of your yard. Many homeowner do their mulch installation in the spring, when the soil has warmed up a little. Homeowners buy mulch at a cost per yard. Professional companies deliver the heavy bags of mulch, although they can also be picked up from local hardware and garden stores.

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Why add mulch?

Not every yard has mulch, let alone flower beds. Mulch has a lot of benefits, a reason why mulch is such a popular feature of well maintained yards. If you have flowers or a garden, mulch is a must. Spreading this layer of organic material across the surface of your soil helps your flowers and plants grow healthy and strong. It does this in part by helping the soil below retain moisture. More moisture means the plants have a steadier supply of water. In addition to keeping more water, mulch helps regulate the soil’s temperature. This means your plants’ roots are now living in a more resilient environment. They survive, and even thrive, when the temperature changes thanks to the new layer of mulch. Another big benefit of mulch is that it helps to suppress weed growth. Because the mulch blocks sunlight from reaching the soil, weeds won’t have the energy to grow. Flowers and plants will grow with no problems, and they’ll have less competition for nutrients in the soil below. Even if you don’t have any flowers or plants, mulch at the edges of your lawn can keep weeds from spreading.

Organic mulch

Organic mulches will also decompose over time and increase the nutrients available in the soil. While this means you may have to replace your mulch beds periodically, it also means the soil will be rich for flowers and plants. Besides all the health benefits, mulch gives your landscape a sharp look. Where grass and weeds can grow out of control, mulch beds give your yard a clean look. Most bark based mulch can be dyed different colors, so you have the option to get a little creative. Mix and match colors to compliment your home, flowers and neighborhood. A little mulch can make a huge difference in the appearance of your home. You can increase the curb appeal of your home, which can increase your property value!

Why use PLOWZ & MOWZ for mulch?

Spreading mulch is a fairly straight-forward project. This doesn’t mean it’s easy. You’ll have to measure out how much mulch you will need. The cost per yard of the different mulch types can vary greatly, so you’ll have to do some research to figure out what you really want. How will you get the mulch to your home? The bags sold at local hardware stores can be heavy, and can leak mulch into your vehicle. Depending on how much mulch you need, just delivery alone will leave you sore the next day. Installing the mulch is a dirty job. You will have to get down on your hands and knees, and spread the mulch by hand. If this all sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry. There are professionals that can take care of this for you. Hiring a professional to deliver and install your mulch is easy thanks to PLOWZ & MOWZ. We’ve got a network of professional landscapers near you, which means you can schedule this service on-demand. In addition to being the easiest option, think of the time you will save. No more trips to the hardware store, and you’ll save your hands and knees from the dirt. With professional experience, you’ll know you’ll get the best quality. Even better, you can get the entire project completed just using your phone! From scheduling, to tracking the service to a photo of the completed work, your outdoor projects have never been easier.