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Why You Need Yard Clean-Up

When the leaves fall, they can completely cover your yard. A few leaves in the grass are no big deal, but too many leaves are unhealthy for your lawn. Along with your grass not getting enough oxygen, the leaves can block water and other nutrients. Leaves exposed to the cold snows of winter could possibly develop molds, which can spread to your grass. Depending on how many leaves are packed on top of your yard, they can even prevent new grass blades from growing in the spring. What’s more, if the leaves are not cleaned up quickly, your grass will be missing out on important fall sunshine. In northern US climates, the typical type of grass will be strengthening its roots for the winter. Keeping a lawn clear of leaves in the fall will help ensure your lawn is healthy going into the winter, giving it a much better chance to thrive in the spring.

Why Fall Clean-Up Services

Now that you know why leaves left on the lawn is bad for your yard’s health, you need to figure out how to deal with the leaves. This is the nightmare for most homeowners. Raking leaves is hard. Depending on how many trees are on your property, and how large your yard is, the process can take over an entire weekend. If you’re keeping up with the leaves falling, then you may even have to rake multiple times. For an average sized home, that could be three weekends every fall dedicated to manual labor in the name of a healthy lawn. Did we mention that raking leaves is hard? Raking is a very repetitive motion, and while leaves are light on their own, they get heavier as you add to the pile. That’s assuming the lawn is already clean and there hasn’t been any rain. Wet leaves are much heavier, and much more of a pain to deal with than dry leaves. One option to make things easier is a leaf blower. While this will certainly cut down on the time needed for your fall clean up, it doesn’t always make it easier. First, this equipment can be quite expensive. A cheaper leaf will cost around $100, with the better (faster, stronger) models costing many times more. On top of the cost, the equipment can be very heavy. You will be carrying around an extra 10-20 pounds, and with a larger yard, that can be just as taxing as raking.

Fall Clean-Up And Removal Services

A better option is to hire a residential fall clean up service. These services will remove the leaves from your lawn for you. Because they provide yard clean up services regularly, they have the proper equipment and crews ready to handle this tough outdoor chore. You will have the opportunity to tell the companies where you want the leaves to be removed to. Typically, your neighborhood will have rules about leaving leaves at the curb for pick up. If you would rather compost the leaves, you can note where you want the leaves left on your property. Sometimes, the best option is to have the leaves removed from the property all together. This is another benefit of a leaf removal service, as the cost of dumping the leaves legally is included.

Best Fall Yard Clean-Up Companies Near Me

How to find the best yard clean-up and removal services near you? You can spend a lot of time researching local landscaping companies, calling around for someone with availability. Once you get a hold of one you might like, you can hope they show up as scheduled. After that, hope they do quality work. Alternatively, you can download the PLOWZ & MOWZ app or visit the PLOWZ & MOWZ website. Get a FREE quote instantly, and schedule a LEAVZ service on-demand. A highly rated, local leaf removal company will remove the leaves from your lawn surface, giving your lawn access to the sunlight and oxygen it needs. You’ll have updates directly from your phone, along with a customer support team dedicated to making your service go smoothly. Enjoy the sight of the leaves changing this year instead of dreading the hard yard clean-up work that comes along with it.