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3 Reasons To Rake Your Leaves


Raking leaves is a right of passage every fall. The temperature starts to cool and the leaves begin to fall. The falling leaves mean fall is here and winter is just around the corner. And there is work to be done to get your lawn ready. If you aren’t raking your leaves, then you should be hiring someone else to do so because leftover leaves can be both dangerous and harmful to you and your yard. Check out our top 3 reasons as to why you should rake the leaves in your yard this fall!

1. Unraked Leaves Can Be Dangerous

slippery leaves

Leaves can be dangerous due to many reasons. One of the most common reasons is that leaves become slippery when wet. Letting leaves stay where they have fallen can be a safety hazard to kids playing in the yard, the mailman walking through to deliver your mail, or even you getting into your car.  Think about Halloween trick-or-treaters excited to run up to your house and ring the doorbell. The inevitable mix of rain, morning dew, and unraked leaves is not a good combination and an accident is bound to happen if leaves are left unraked.

Another dangerous aspect of unraked leaves is that you’ll never know what’s hiding in them. Unraked leaves can be the perfect home for critters and insects. Spiders, ticks, snakes, and other pests love leaf piles and will quickly make them their new home if you don’t dispose of them quickly.

2. Long Term Damage To Your Lawn

Leaves sitting on your lawn can stop sunlight from reaching your lawn. Which will lead to unnecessary brown spots that are going to take time and extra money to return to normal.

3. Promotes Grass Growth benefits of raking leaves

One of the major health components of raking your leaves is that it promotes healthy grass growth. A healthy lawn is enriched by direct sunlight and a lawn being covered in leaves prevents that. Your lawn needs any amount of sunlight to continue to grow and be ready when spring rolls around and the snow begins to melt.

Raking leaves is just a start but bagging and disposing of them is the next and necessary step in the process. This will help to prevent any slipperiness, unwanted visitors, and damage to your lawn.

Posted on October 21, 2021

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