Labor Day this year is Monday, September 4th, and while summer might be coming to an end, you still have one last weekend to celebrate. Here are some great ways to spend your last weekend of the summer.

1. Go on a last minute trip

Travel out of the country to Canada or the Caribbean, visit a place a couple of hours away from you, or travel to a local beach and finish your summer tan.

2. Have a BBQ

Celebrate the end of the summer by hosting a BBQ. Since it is a three-day weekend, you will have the time to spend on the meats and side dishes that will leave your guests drooling.


3. Catch a baseball game

If you haven’t caught a game yet this summer, now is the perfect chance to remedy this. You don’t have to go to a major league game either, minor league tickets are very inexpensive.

4. Visit an amusement park

Spend the day outside and on thrilling rides by going to your local amusement park.


5. Watch a Labor Day Parade

Cap off the summer by viewing the last parade of the season! Check your local newspapers for the time and location of where your parade starts.

6. Take part in the massive retail sales

Some retailers claim that Labor Day have the best sales, second only to Black Friday. Get some shopping done this weekend and start adding to your fall wardrobe


7. Host a potluck

Instead of making all the food, have your guests do it for you! Focus on creating fun decorations and playing exciting games with your friends and family.

8. Spend some time outside

Enjoy the good weather before it disappears by going hiking along some trails near you, or visit any lakes/beaches that are local.


9. Volunteer

Give back to your community by volunteering at local soup kitchens, hospitals, retirement communities, the local library, or any other community gathering spot.

10. Give yourself the day off–completely

Labor day is supposed to be a relaxing day for those who are currently working. Create a relaxing day for yourself by lessening your chores and pampering yourself. One chore you can eliminate could be mowing your lawn. By using the app PLOWZ & MOWZ you can have your lawn maintained so your can enjoy your Labor Day. You can get a free quote in under 60 seconds after answering some simple questions about your lawn. There aren’t any contracts that you need to sign and your lawn can be mowed as soon as the next day!


Take a day off from lawn care, you deserve it!

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