On Vacation?

9 Tips to Keep Your House Safe

Every summer, millions of Americans decide to leave their home and travel, which makes summer the unofficial vacation season. Due to the increase in vacations, there is also an increase in home burglaries, since the empty houses are very enticing to the burglars. To prevent your house from falling victim to a burglary while you’re out having the time of your life on vacation, follow these helpful tips to keep your house as safe as possible. 

1. Lock all doors and windows before leaving for vacation.

This seems pretty obvious, but make sure nobody can get into the house without a key during your vacation, and that there are no openings in the windows.


2. Make sure anything valuable in your house cannot be seen from any windows.

Robbers window shop too. Since a house with valuable items in the window probably has more valuable items inside, that house is more likely to be targeted. Try to hide everything that you don’t want to appeal to the robber that would make them want to break into your house.

3. Have your lawn mowed during your vacation. You can do this by scheduling in advance using the Plowz & Mowz app!

If you’re gone a while, make sure your grass stays in tip top shape! (A mowed lawn also makes it look like someone’s home). You can schedule a mow in advance (or on the beach!) with the app. You will receive a free quote in under a minute, all you have to do is answer a couple of basic questions about your lawn. No contracts are required either!

4. Have some timers on lights and the television so it looks like you’re home.

If a house is completely dark, this is an obvious sign that nobody is home which, as you can probably guess, is very appealing to the robbers. Trick the robbers who prey on houses when nobody is home into thinking your house is occupied by having a timer on your lights so that they will go on at a specific time every day while you’re on vacation.

5. Try not to post too much about your vacation on social media.

This can give thieves a clue that you aren’t home. As sad as it might be, some of the people you’re “friends” with on social media might end up trying to take advantage of your empty house. Friends seeing you away on Facebook might become thieves knowing you’re away. Save the vacation pictures for when you return!



6. If you normally keep the blinds open, leave them open.

Again, just like with the lights, act like people are home. It would be strange if you normally leave the blinds open to have them closed, and it would be another sign that the house is empty and you are on vacation.

7. While it might seem like a good idea, don’t leave a message on your answering machine stating you’re on vacation.

Just like with the posting on social media, by announcing that you are not home on your answering machine gives the burglars a huge heads up that house is empty.


8. Remove any spare keys you have lying around outside.

Since you went through all of the effort in locking the doors and windows to your house, why would you want to make it easy for the robbers to break in? Hence, make sure that the only people who can get into the house are the ones you gave the key to. 

9. Hold your mail at the post office and stop the newspaper delivery during your vacation.

Probably you aren’t home if there is a pile of either outside, consequently thieves will notice and target your home.




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