Each year as December 25th starts approaching- that means the search for the perfect Christmas tree is on!  Nothing gets you in the holiday spirit more than putting on Christmas music, drinking hot cocoa and decorating your tree with your loved ones.  Your Christmas tree deserves the best care to survive this holiday season.  

It’s going to be hard to get into the holiday season without picking out your Christmas tree first. And the start the holiday season brings about the question of what type of Christmas tree you decide to bring home.  Your tree will be living in your home and part of your family for the next few weeks so some thought should be put into what tree you decide to take home. Knowing what size, shape, scent, and color you want can help you make the right decision on which tree to choose this year.  Here are a few of the most popular Christmas trees-

-Balsam Firchristmas-trees-with-lights
-Noble Fir
-Concolor Fir
-Douglas Fir
-Fraser Fir
-White Pine

And there is one other major category of Christmas trees we definitely cannot forget about- 


In 2018, according to CBS News, 80% of US households put up artificial Christmas trees during the holidays. The pre-lit and no needle dropping trees are becoming more and more popular every year.  The upkeep is minimal, eco-friendly and cost-effective in the long run. 

But for those of you who are still set on getting a real Christmas tree this holiday season, keep reading to ensure your tree stays looking fresh, healthy and its absolute best this holiday season.  

Get your tree home safely

Whether you are bringing the tree up from the basement, carrying the box in from the car after a purchase at Home Depot, or untying it from your the roof of your car- handle with care! The process of getting any type of Christmas tree set up requires some real manual labor.

After you pick out your dream Christmas tree at the tree lot the next step is securing the tree to the roof of your car.  Improperly secured trees can be dangerous and cause accidents on any road. You definitely don’t want to be the car that has the tree flying off your car in the middle of the highway on the way back from the Christmas tree farm.  Make sure the tree is tied tight and right to your car. Utilize the workers at the Christmas tree farm to help you after you pick out your tree to ensure that you, your family and the tree make it home in one piece. 

Securing your tree

Once you get your tree (real or artificial) home, the next question is where should you put your tree.  Decide where in your home is the best place to show off your beautiful tree for the next few weeks. Avoid blocking natural light sources in your home with your tree setup.  And if you don’t already have one, invest in a quality Christmas tree stand that will secure your tree and can hold plenty of water to make sure your tree stays hydrated.

After the tree is set up and secure, next comes the fun! The lights, ornaments, tree topper, and skirt make the tree come to life.  

Don’t let your tree get thirsty

Your tree needs water to make it through the holiday season.  We advise giving your tree a quart of water for each inch of the diameter of the tree trunk.  Don’t forget to do this! This will keep your tree from dropping needles and will help it last through the holiday season.  Keep your tree away from any heat sources like radiators or fireplaces which will dehydrate the tree faster and could possibly cause a fire.  

What to do with your tree after the holidays

4 weeks is the ideal time to keep your Christmas tree. However, each trees time frame may be shorter or longer depending on how well you water and keep your Christmas tree this season. Once your tree starts dropping needles and loses its smell, it’s time to let it go.  There are many options for what to do with your tree at the end of the holiday season-

Ensure that your tree stays healthy and lasts far into the holiday season.  If you stick by these do’s and don’ts, then your Christmas tree will survive well beyond Santa bringing you presents on December 25th.