We all know the struggle of having to brush our cars off each winter, frequently leaving us covered in snow. Ever wish you could skip that, walk outside, hop in your car and drive?

This is why Plowz & Mows has a new add-on to our snow removal service – we present our new White Glove Service!

hire someone to clear snow off your car this winter

About our White Glove Add-on Service:

Our white glove treatment is the brushing off of snow from cars in your driveway. It is an add-on service to our already existing Snow Plowing service. When our local snow plowing provider comes to your house to plow your driveway, they will clear your car of the snow and ice while they’re there.

does this look like your car buried in snow in the driveway?All you have to do is order a snow plow and make sure to include white glove service in the order. As soon as you have added white glove treatment to the order, you’ll have to indicate how many cars need to be cleared off along with some details of the cars that need clearing to help the provider identify them! We’ll take care of everything else so you can stay warm the next time it snows!

How do I get a quote or place an order?

snow plowing add on optionsYou can always get a quote on our website or on our mobile app by filling out a few basic details about the order. From there we’ll give you a price for the snow plowing job and then ask you if you’d like any add-ons like white glove or walkway shoveling at the fixed price displayed on the add-ons page.

The next time snowfall is in the forecast, you can place your order the night before, the morning of, while it’s snowing or even after the storm to get your driveway cleared of snow!