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Get Local Firewood Delivered to your Home!

Depending on how often you use your fireplace or wood stove in the winter, you might need to stock up quite a bit of firewood (and are probably used to doing so), but for the occasional burners, firewood delivery sure beats the hassle of doing it yourself! All our firewood is bought locally and delivered by an insured professional. Upon placing the order, simply include clear delivery instructions as to where the wood should be piled and let us handle the rest.

How Much Wood Do I Need?

Our delivery purchasing size options currently start as large as a full cord, also offering a face cord or half face cord. Most people that have not purchased firewood before probably have no clue how big those options are, so here’s a bit of a breakdown on the volume of wood these are when they’re stacked in a neat woodpile:

1/2 Face Cord:

  • Height = 4 feet
  • Width = 4 feet
  • Depth = 16 inches

half face cord of firewood delivered to your hours

Face Cord:

  • Height = 4 feet
  • Width = 8 feet
  • Depth = 16 inches

face cord of firewood delivered to your hours

Full Cord:

  • Height = 4 feet
  • Width = 8 feet
  • Depth = 4 feet

full cord of firewood delivered to your hours

Basically, a full cord is the standard size, but can be an awful lot of wood if you only use your fireplace occasionally. A face cord is one-third of a full cord. A half face cord is, as the name would suggest, half of a face cord, which makes it one-sixth of a full cord. If you have a wood stove as a frequent source of heat for the winter, you’re going to want at least a full cord depending on the size of your home and local winter weather. If you only light a fire a few times, a 1/2 face cord should be enough to start. Somewhere in between the two and you’re probably a good candidate to get a face cord of wood.

Get firewood delivered to your house

A Service Sure to Warm You Up!

Our local providers will bring the quantity of firewood you need and stack it where you’d like it on your property. We recommend preparing a space  in the garage, but at least somewhere close to the home and with some cover from the rain and snow. Popular places typical include along the side of the house if your roof overhangs a bit (or using a tarp to cover the wood) as well as on a back porch, deck or patio. Keeping the wood close to the home makes it more convenient to stock up inside during the cold/snowy weather this winter will bring.

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