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It’s that time of year again! The snow is falling, everyone is in the holiday spirit, the new year is approaching, and of course the cold weather.

While most people have already hired a snow removal contractor, some of us hold out and continue to do it ourselves each time snow falls. And there’s nothing wrong with doing it yourself, but don’t get caught being unprepared when you’re unable to do the job.

Vacation – Have your driveway cleared when you’re away

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Going away for the holidays? Don’t stress it. You want to find a reliable snow plowing service in your area that offers a ‘no-contract’ service before you leave.

You may be asking yourself, “why would I need my driveway cleared if I’m not going to be there?” An unplowed driveway for several days tells potential burglars to come on in, because no one has been home since it last snowed, meaning they’re probably on vacation. Yikes.

The benefit of using a service like Plowz & Mowz for snow removal is that you can order a snowplow anytime, from anywhere without a seasonal contract or commitment. So, enjoy the beach and if there happens to be a snowstorm that you so luckily missed, contact a snow plowing service near you!

Sick – Tis the season

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We all know it is the time of year everyone is catching the ugly stomach viruses and colds. Stay in bed and rest, the doctor ordered it. While you stay inside enjoying the warmth or are cozied up resting in bed, someone can be doing your winter chores for you! The perfect time to hire someone to come plow your driveway is when you shouldn’t be outside at all. Why risk feeling even worse when rest is the best thing for you?

You’ve got enough to do already

Why do it yourself when you can hire a professional? We are not all perfectly skilled when it comes to chores outside, and even if you are, you still might not want to do it. There are professionals that plow driveways and take care of these responsibilities for a living. Why not utilize them? It saves you the trouble and from not accidentally tearing up the driveway or yard and saves you that time and stress. 

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Don’t let your winter chores discourage you from doing something more fun! It only makes sense to hire someone who is skilled to complete the dreadful burden while you spend time with friends, family, or just relaxing inside after a day off or a long day at work.

If you are not interested in signing up for a whole season contract, the “Uber for landscaping and snow removal app” Plowz & Mowz might be the right choice for you this winter.  Check out their residential snow plowing service and optional add-on services here!