There’s nothing quite like the holidays. Cozying up by the fire, sipping hot cocoa, spending time with family and friends and… of course, engaging in the season of giving. Unfortunately, it’s usually inevitable that there will be difficulty in finding gifts to give that are practical and actually needed. Sometimes we buy presents just to say we bought them, but why waste our money on things that aren’t useful? Here are some ideas.


plowz app1. Snow Removal

We all know that feeling. You’re ready to leave your house ten minutes before work or that meeting or…. the list goes on. You’re late to all of it because the second you step outside, you remember you live in a tundra and will be forced to shovel your car out of your driveway for the next hour. Oof. Help avoid that altogether by giving the gift of Plowz. Let us take care of the driveway so that someone you care about doesn’t have to! Heck, let us plow your driveway so that you can go get the other gifts on this list!


2. Gift Cards

Yes, we know, you probably hate giving gift cards. As impersonal as it may feel, they can truly be such valuable gifts and will surely be used.

Prepaid gas gift cards may seem boring, but definitely are not a waste of your money! We all know how expensive gas is nowadays, and not having to worry about spending money on filling your tank a time or two is seriously relieving.

Who doesn’t use Amazon? A gift card to Amazon is like a gift card for anything. 

Want to make things more personal? Use a gift card to give your recipient an experience. Nowadays, you can pre-pay for dinner and a movie, an Airbnb stay, or travel with flight vouchers!


woman on phone

3. Smart Devices

If your family or someone you know is going away this holiday season, this is an especially great idea!

Stay tuned for our upcoming Burglary Prevention blog post, where we will discuss the benefits of using smart devices to control features of your home from anywhere. Smart devices are great, not only for safety purposes but obviously bring a whole new level of convenience to the recipient. Devices like Google Home/Alexa and Ring’s Video Doorbell are great gifts that feature voice activation and mobile commands. Whether you’re on vacation or a weekend getaway, open and close your blinds and turn your lights or television on and off with a tap on your smartphone. 



snowman ornament4. DIY – Get Creative

‘Tis the season to give a handmade gift! For an easy last minute Christmas gift, make a personalized ornament or put together a hot cocoa kit!

If you want your gift to be extra sentimental, use a solid, blank decor item as a canvas for song lyrics or something you’ve written for the recipient. Use gold and silver fine point markers to jazz up the sentences and voilà, a beautiful, personalized present is yours to give!