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Injuries With Snow Removal: Things You Didn’t Know!


Every year there are too many accidents reported from snowplowing, snowblowing and shoveling driveways. Snow shoveling related injuries alone make up over 11 thousand injuries reported each year according to the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio. There are a few recommendations and techniques to follow to avoid getting hurt. The winter season is already bad enough, don’t let it injure you as well!

1. Shoveling Safety

Something that seems so simple is not so simple…. Each winter there is around 100 people who die from shoveling snow according to BBC News. Deaths you ask? Crazy we know! There are many risks when it comes to shoveling snow such as heart attacks, seizures, dehydration, and even frost bite. The American Heart Association stated that Shoveling, like any other form of exercise, can increase blood pressure and heart rate. The cold air can also add to the strenuous activity for anyone. 

Man shoveling driveway2. Proper Way to Shovel

Believe it or not, there is a proper way to shovel snow. First, make sure you lift with your knees when shoveling don’t throw your back out. Second, don’t overexert yourself when shoveling snow. You don’t have to hurry and finish the job right away, take a breather and go inside for a few minutes. Third, drink lots of water to stay hydrated. It is important to stay hydrated because being out in the cold and over working yourself can cause a seizure. Lastly, cover up any exposed skin with enough layers to keep warm!

3. Snow Blowing

When it comes to operating heavy machinery there are a lot of precautions you should take.  Can you afford to lose a hand, foot, leg, arm, or even a toe? It happens! Many people lose limbs because of snow blowing accidents every year. There has been recorded accidents of people accidentally hurting themselves by sticking their hand in the blower if something is stuck. NO! Accidents happen as small as breaking a few fingers from not following safety precautions leading to loss of limb or even life. Taking the time to do something the right way is safe and smart!

4. The Right Way to Snow Plow

First things first, NEVER stick your hand in the snowblower. It just won’t end well for anybody. If you don’t believe us, believe the Lawrence, Massachusettes Fire Department whom freed a mans hand from his snowblower just last December. It really happens.

Next, do not leave the snow blower unattended while it’s still running. If you have to step away or take a break, make sure you turn it off.

It can be icy! Black ice can be very dangerous and if you happen to not see it, you may slip and hurt your back or something else.

Before going outside to take on the driveway make sure you bundle up! Even if it seems a little warmer than usual out, you should always wear a hat, gloves, snow pants, thick boots, and a warm winter jacket. Many people forget about eyewear! Snow and ice could fly up and hit you and you don’t want to be that person that has to tell everyone you lost an eye from a snow blowing accident. 

So next time you go outside to take care of the dreaded chores, make sure you follow all the tips and tricks to properly shovel and snowplow your driveway. And if this just so happened to scare you enough to never want to snowplow or shovel outside again there is always other options available for you.

You can use a landscaping service that can take care of these chores for you such as Plowz&Mowz. So stay warm and stay safe this winter season!

Posted on January 15, 2020

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