Are you in a winter rut? If every day starts to feel the same, you’re tired and unmotivated, and winter seems as though it will never end…. you just might be. We’ve all been there; here are our tried and true tips at kicking the rut.

Shake Up Your Morning Routine

Change up your wake up routine. If you’re like many people, the first thing you do after waking up is to check your phone or computer to see what you missed while you were asleep. The best way to wake up and give yourself the best chance at a successful day is to stay off of your tech devices first thing in the morning.

Take the Road Less Traveled

If you can do so safely, modify your route to work in the morning and get yourself out of auto-pilot. Traveling a different way may be just what you need to gain some fresh perspective. This will challenge your brain and if you pay enough attention, you’ll likely discover pretty new scenery. Starting the day differently than usual will make it actually feel like a new day, not just a boring winter cycle. 

Engage with the Season

Do what you can to embrace the season! Go for a walk, but make sure you’re dressed warmly and prepare accordingly. The long winter days can seem daunting, especially without much sun. However, if you can learn to appreciate winter by enjoying parts of it, it will be much easier to get through. Even opening up your window for a couple of minutes every day to get some fresh air will put you in a better headspace!

Opt to Get Away

If you have the chance, get out of town- even if it’s just the next town over! If you’ve got a day or two off of work, step outside of your comfort zone and go for a drive, take some time for yourself and try something new in a different environment. You’re bound to learn something about yourself in the process! Not to mention, who doesn’t need a little break?