The one holiday that may not be for everyone is quickly approaching… But it doesn’t have to be about making a loved one feel special, you can also do something nice for yourself! That’s right, there is many things Valentine’s day can bring. If you do happen to have a loved one here are a few ideas of Valentine’s day gifts for him and for her and also some ideas on how to treat yourself!


A red rope shaped into a heart on a branch outdoors for valentines Day

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Does he already have everything he could possibly need? You could get him chocolate or a nice card but that can be so cliche! Well you might have missed one important idea! Depending on where you are located the weather could not be your friend… If you live in a snowy market, then your driveway is probably always needing to be plowed or shoveled. What a HASSLE! Not this Valentine’s Day. Did you know there are apps out there almost like Uber where you can just order an outdoor service with a click of a button at your fingertips? Yes crazy we know! We all love to go out to dinner or to the movies to spend quality time with one another but if that driveway is loaded with snow you may not be leaving the house unless…. you surprise him with the gift of a plow! So make those reservations and even add in those chocolates because you just made Valentine’s Day way more enjoyable for you and him!

truck with a snow plow on front plowing out a driveway

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

Feeling stumped on what to get her for Valentine’s Day? Don’t sweat it… of course, there’s always the go-to options for gifts. Roses, chocolates, jewelry, and much more. Although those are all very appreciated and a nice gesture, there is much more that you can get her this Valentine’s Day. The first thing that may be a special treat is a couples massage. What’s more relaxing and beneficial to the both of you than a deep tissue massage? Find a nearby spa that offers couples massage treatments and have her leaving happy and content! Did someone say mani-pedis? Everyone loves to be treated to getting their nails and toes done especially when someone else pays for it! Find a local nail salon with good reviews and ratings and stop by and grab her a gift certificate. Don’t feel like leaving the house? Find out her favorite meal and surprise her by cooking a nice dinner and you can even add in those roses as a nice centerpiece on the table.

Valentine’s Day Gifts For You

Don’t have anyone to spoil this Valentine’s Day? That’s okay! Spoil yourself. Pick up your favorite take out and find a movie you have been dying to watch. In the mood for sweats? Head on over to the store and grab your favorite sweet snacks and don’t be shy… You will not be the only one! Feel like hanging out with some friends? Grab a few drinks at a sports bar or hit the nearest casino for a chance to win big! Stuck at home because you have too many outdoor chores? We got it covered don’t worry. Head on over to the Plowz&Mowz App at and place an order for a snow plow or lawn mow so you can enjoy the day and not have to worry about getting it done! If you are not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day then go ahead and skip the Holiday all together! There is not rule book on how to properly spend the day.

Red heart carved into the trunk of a tree

So even though you may have grown up believing Valentine’s Day is all about being mushy and getting gifts for a loved one to show you care about them… it doesn’t have to be that way at all! If you do want to spoil someone you love, then hopefully the ideas above were useful and we made your decision a whole lot easier and if you choose to spoil yourself then go ahead and make it a YOU day after all!