Not used to seeing a Winter Storm Warning issued for your area? Lucky you. It’s always a huge surprise for everyone when snowfall is in the forecast for places that average 50 degrees in the winter months.

And once the temperature starts to drop in those areas and the rain turns into snow– it’s a recipe for disaster. Icy roads, grid lock traffic, loss of power, cancelled flights, school closings are just a few of the things that add to the chaos of snow hitting an area not used to snow.  Even with 1-2 inches of snowfall, one may not have the necessary items (clothing, snow brush, shovel, salt, etc) to combat a winter storm.  

Don’t worry, Plowz & Mowz is here to help those not used to the snow!  Let us take care of clearing off your driveways, walkways, or cars.  Our on-demand outdoor home services app offers snow removal in those areas not used to the snow.  Download our app or visit our website to get yourself through any unexpected winter storm!  And once the weather returns to normal, take a look at our our service offerings that stretch far beyond snow removal!