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We offer lawn mowing service in Nashville Tennessee. Local Lawn care professionals near you are looking to work for you! With Plowz & Mowz you can get top quality lawn maintenance on your schedule. No contract necessary. You can order on-demand and not have to worry about your lawn service being completed on the date of your choosing.

Why waste time with lawn maintenance? In Nashville Tennessee, you can have Plowz & Mowz find a top-rated landscaper to take care of your mowing needs so you can focus on the important things. Stuck late at work? Our landscapers will work for you and you can come home after a long day to a freshly cut and well-manicured lawn.





All our leaf removal services also include a regular mow and trim. When the leaves start falling, but the grass hasn’t stopped growing, you can keep your lawn looking fresh until the snow starts! If your town picks up the leaves, have the leaves left at the curb. If you just want the leaves gone from your property, request a leaf removal service with haul-away added. For the additional fee our professionals will take the leaves away from your property.

Whether you have one tree dropping leaves all at once, or multiple trees dropping leaves all season, we have you covered. Spend time with family and friends this fall instead of working on leaf removal for your lawn this fall or spring!


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