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Worst Us Cities to Live in for Meteor Strikes

Most Vulnerable US Cities to Meteor Threats

By pouring over NASA's comprehensive meteorite data released in July 2023, we've unearthed a collection of cities that might find themselves less fortunate in the event of a celestial collision. While it remains an uncertain endeavor to predict precisely where meteors might strike, these locations have shown themselves to be coincidentally located in larger concentrations.

#1 Worst US City for Meteorophiliacs

Dodge City, KS

Dodge City is nearly in the center of a great patch of recorded meteor data.


Lubbrock, TX

Approx. 170 miles east of Roswell, NM, Lubbrock is surrounded by three other cities on this list that are apparently magnets for meteors.


Portales, NM

There is a suspicious amount of meteorites that impacted this area just northeast of Roswell, NM, the heaviest weight about 624lbs.


Plainview, TX

Plainview has two small meteorite impacts recorded in 1979 and 2010.


Brownfield, TX

Brownfield wasn't apparently directly impacted, however, there were quite a few in the immediate area.


Sterling, CO

Sterling is located in the northeastern part of the largest concentration of data in the US.


Barstow, CA

Located east of Los Angeles, this city is in the middle of the most concentrated meteor data on the west coast.


Austin, TX

Surrounding by many impacts, there was one that hit in 1889 in what is now northeast Austin or the Mueller Community neighborhood.


Tucson, AZ

With 6 of the 7 recorded impacts since the 1980s, the Tucson area might be a meteor magnet!


Lousiville, KY

In 1977 a ~3lb meteorite went through the roof of a home on Greenwood Ave western Louisville.


Asheville, NC

The last recorded meteorite to hit in the Asheville area was in 1839.


:ale Havasu City, AZ

There are more than a dozen recent recorded impacts just north of this city, so avoid highway 40 if you can!


Adairsville, GA

Just northeast of Atlanta, GA, this city is surrounded by one of the largest concentrations of meteor data in the east US.


Lovelock, NV

There are two concentrations immediately north and west of Lovelock, making the actual city safer than the surrounding area.


Lebanon, TN

Just east of Nashville, this city doesn't appear to ever have been directly impacted, however there have been several in the surrounding area.

Our list of worst US cities for meteor impacts is a result of an examination of NASA’s meteor impact data, shedding light on locales positioned closer to regions historically affected more by meteor strikes. It’s important to recognize that not all cities have been included in our assessment to reduce redundancies for nearby cities. If meteor impacts evoke unsettling feelings, divert your attention to our list of the Least Vulnerable US Cities to Meteor Threats.

Posted on July 28, 2023

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