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Safest US Cities from Meteors

In a quest to assuage any concerns related to the celestial menace of meteors, we delve into the insights brought forth by NASA's extensive meteorite dataset, which was unveiled in July 2023. By meticulously analyzing data from over 34,000 meteorites, we've painstakingly constructed a roster of what we believe to be the most secure cities in the United States, sheltered from meteoric hazards. It's important to note that predicting the precise impact location of a meteor remains an elusive endeavor, and any apparent patterns on the map are likely mere coincidences.

However, for those harboring worries about extraterrestrial rocks raining down, take solace in the rarity of these events—only a single recorded case exists throughout history.

#1 Safest US City from Meteors

Anchorage, AK


San Juan, PR


Idaho Falls, ID


Kalispell, MT


Ketchikan, AK


Bend, OR


Miles City, MT

#9 (tied)

Page, AZ

#9 (tied)

Big Water, UT


Millinocket, ME


Monroe, LA


Tallahassee, FL


Atlantic City, NJ


Jamestown, NY


Saranac Lake, NY


King City, CA


Watertown, NY


Hilo, HA


Rawlins, WY


Mobile, AL


Weston, WV


Concord, NH


Wilmington, NC


Alpine, AZ

Our curated list draws from NASA’s meteor impact data, pinpointing the cities closest to unscathed regions across the United States. It’s worth noting that not every city in the nation was encompassed in our analysis to prevent redundancy, focusing instead on those positioned at the forefront of safety.

And should you find yourself grappling with Meteorophobia, perhaps it’s best to steer clear of our compilation detailing the Worst US Cities for Meteor Impacts.

Posted on August 2, 2023

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