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Landscaping Crossword Puzzle #2


landscaping crossword puzzle


(scroll down for answers):



1. Lines representing the change in ground elevations or grade, commonly found on topographic maps.
2. An enclosed area of water, also a type of bowl.
3. Natural, flat stones of different shapes and colors. Commonly used for natural-looking walkways and patios.
4. A shallow, narrow stream of water cut into the landscape by erosion.
5. A water-tight material used underneath artificial ponds and swimming pools.


6. A group of trees growing together.
7. A specified area of space or ground for work.
8. A natural fence formed by dense shrubs or trees, commonly trimmed to a geometric shape.
9. Introduction of air into soil to promote growth and health of the plants/roots.
10. Structure to support climbing trees. Also the Latin name for “tree”.
11. An agricultural practice of shaping woody plant growth to follow a frame that promotes good production of fruit.
12. Mass planting of ferns.














1. Contour 2. Basin 3. Flagstone 4. Rill 5. Liner 6. Clump 7. Site 8. Hedge 9. Aeration 10. Arbor 11. Espalier 12. Fernery

Posted on March 28, 2022

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