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Landscaping Crossword Puzzle #1


landscaping crossword puzzle


(scroll down for answers):



1. Mixture of ingredients to fertilize and improve soil quality. Homeowners often make their own from food waste.

2. A row of mowed hay drying before being baled.

3. A plant that is not valued in a lawn, garden, or landscaping; typically pulled up before it spreads.

4. Area of soil covered in grass, typically found surrounding suburban homes.


5. Small plant with no root.

6. A forested wetland.

7. Partially decayed organic matter. Roughly 23% of Scotland is covered by this.

8. A plant smaller than a tree.

9. Soft, swampy area of mud.

10. Animal dung used for fertilizing lawns and gardens.

11. A type of organism that breaks down materials bacteria cannot.














1. Compost 2. Windrow 3. Weed 4. Lawn 5. Moss 6. Swamp 7. Peat 8. Shrub 9. Mire 10. Manure 11. Fungi

Posted on March 21, 2022

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