man shoveling car out of snow filled street

What is a ‘white glove’ snow plow service?

Plowz & Mowz has been called ‘the Uber of snowplowing’, like Uber, we offer options to suit your ever-changing needs. Sometimes you just need a ride and order an Uber X, if have a big group you might need a bigger vehicle, UberXL. Just like Uber, P&M has upgrades to meet your needs.  We offer quick & easy snowplowing when you need it, and convenient white glove service for when you need to walk outside, get in your car and go. The click of a button is all it takes.

When do I need ‘white glove’ snow plow service?

Imagine you’re running late for work and you step outside and see your car covered in snow. Your driveway has been plowed but you still need to dig your car out and get it ready to drive. 

Driving with snow piled on your car is not only dangerous, but also illegal in some cases. You can’t wait until the snow melts off your car, and you don’t have time to clear it yourself. There is really only one way to quickly remove snow from your car… select the ‘white glove’ option in the Plowz & Mowz app.

Our services don’t stop there. Along with our white glove service, we will gladly shovel the walkway to your front, side or back door.

For those who don’t get to park in a garage overnight, Plowz & Mowz created this service just for you.