The holidays have come and gone but here to stay is: winter. Winter can be a long and grueling season for many. In some regions, winter may come and overstay as long as May. The season is just getting started- so here are some of our favorite memes to make it just a bit more bearable.  Don’t let yourself become a meme this winter! Order snow plowing services today!

winter is coming  memes

funny winter wipers meme

Good old winter; we don’t just have to worry about copious amounts of snow affecting our travel, but also ice. Frozen roads, freezing rain, oh what fun. 

Putting your wipers up will prevent them from freezing on the windshield and damage to the wipers. Unless your entire car freezes… It also makes it much easier to remove snow from the windshield. 

Arguably, the most dangerous part of the cold is underestimating it. Drivers may drive at a normal speed or faster if roads appear clear of snow, but when temperatures drop below freezing, those on the road risk sliding or finding themselves in a collision. Be wary of this, as ice is deceiving!

funny winter memeThis is exactly why we’re here. “We’ll come by,” they said. “Just pay us for the entire season,” they said. And then there are you, stuck in your driveway with the daunting realization that you might not make it anywhere today, let alone work. 

All too often, your driveway or street is forgotten. And if you’re like us and don’t wake up an hour earlier in the morning, eager to shovel your driveway- let us help. Our on-demand snow removal service is here when you need it! No contracts- no hassle. 

funny snow plow memeTruly a shame… There isn’t much worse than someone shoving their snow out of the road or off of their property and right onto yours! 


You don’t know hopeless until this has happened to you. You go through all of the trouble of shoveling, or your driveway has finally been plowed only to suffer a huge sweep of snow. Don’t be that person this winter!

memes about winterYup, the darkness is taking over. It’s time for us to say goodbye to the sun, as it’s presence probably won’t be gracing us much anymore. 

Our advice? It’s easy to get down during the season of shorter days and dark afternoons. Make conscious efforts to wake up earlier to enjoy some of the daylight. Because it’s likely dark by the time you end your workday, it will be easier to fall asleep earlier, giving you a head start on the following day. 

icy winter break-dance memeTis the season to be fall-y. It always takes a fall or two in the beginning of the season to get your mind and body cautious of the ice and all other safety hazards.

Combat this by wearing shoes with strong grips and good traction. Remember that rushing, whether on foot or by vehicle, is never foolproof in the wintertime. 



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