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Pick something he loves to do for the day

Whatever your dad loves to do, try to incorporate it into your Father’s Day plans. If he loves hiking or fishing, go out with him for the day. Try to do an activity the whole family can do too!

Make/buy his favorite food for the day

What better way to celebrate Dad than by giving him his favorite foods for the day! You can either cook them or buy them from his favorite place.

Handle all of the household chores for the day

What would make the day perfect for Dad would be to give him a day without any chores or things to worry about. Do the dishes, help wash the car, mow the lawn or have PLOWZ & MOWZ do it for you!

Give him a cool gift

We made a list of ideas that Dad will for sure love and you can find it here:


Take him to the game

What better way to bond with Dad than taking him out to a ball game (or really any type of sporting event).


Make some DIY crafts for him

The best gifts that you can give are the ones you make yourself. Maybe decorate a coffee mug for him, or craft a frame and put a picture of the two of you inside.



Give him the day off

We’ll help you with this one.

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