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Must-Have Smart Outdoor Lighting Products For Your Backyard This Fall

WRITTEN BY Guest Author

This summer, I decided that I needed to upgrade my full outdoor experience after I invested in some backyard hardscapes.  Shortly after install, these upgrades increased the functionality of our backyard space and we started to spend more and more time enjoying the new elements. One thing that the layout was missing was great lighting.

I began the search for some new to the market lighting features such as pathway lights, LED strip lights, and some outdoor string lights. After a great deal of research and testing out the products myself, here is my review of three different outdoor lighting products for your backyard!

Atomi Smart WIFI LED Pathway Lights:

I’ve had solar pathway lights for years but I’ve found the need to replace them almost every single season. The quality was never great and I wantedAtomi Smart WiFi LED Pathway Lights something better that I knew would last. This summer, I purchased the Atomi Smart LED Color-Changing Pathway Lights and was not disappointed in this purchase.  Although the price point was around $300, these pathway lights were well worth it. With 7 lights to install, the process took me about two hours.


  • -Simple to use setup app with a large list of features. After setting up the lights, I could choose a schedule to turn on/off the lights and also select the color/brightness I wanted depending on the time of day
  • -The quality of these lights is second to none. These will last me many years even in areas with inclement weather
  • -Alexa and Google Assistant integration. Connects to your existing WiFi for configuration
  • -Link and control up to 40 lights at once


Govee RGBIC LED Strip Lights Govee RGBIC LED Strip Lights

I knew I needed strip lights to add to the outdoor experience.  I looked at a few other options but ultimately went with the Govee RGBIC Strip Lights based on cost, quality, and positive reviews. After using these strip lights for two months, I am happy I went with the Govee outdoor lighting product.

I ended up placing the strip lights on the eaves of my detached garage along with my house. The purpose of these lights was to add accent lighting to my backyard and also for entertainment purposes. And they did the job!  Best price in its category at around $45 for 32.8 feet.


  • -Easy setup process. The lights have a sticky back that holds well along with the option to screw them in as well
  • -Easy to connect multiple strands to create a larger display
  • -The lights can be programmed and controlled using the Govee app and connecting via Bluetooth. There are easily 100 different features to choose from like “mood”, “music control” etc.
  • -Lights will dance with music. So, if you have outdoor speakers you can turn your backyard into a nightclub
  • -Alexa and Google integration


Govee Bluetooth 48ft Outdoor String Lights

Govee Bluetooth 48ft Outdoor String Lights

This summer we installed a firepit/patio in our back yard. I wanted to add some string lights above for a summer party we were hosting. We have a bunch of trees in our backyard, so I strung the Govee Bluetooth 48ft Outdoor String Lights in a square pattern. I chose to stick with white coloring, but many other colors are available using the app. These cost me around $56 on amazon.


  • -You can easily connect multiple strands just by screwing the ends together
  • -8 different color scenes to choose from. They are also dimmable, so the lighting isn’t overpowering
  • -Custom configuration for each light. If you choose to keep these up in the winter they even have holiday effects that I am sure my kids will love
  • -Alexa and Google integration
  • -Music Mode thanks to a built-in mic

Posted on September 3, 2021

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