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4 Ways To Prepare For Winter


As winter starts to approach, it’s best to be prepared for frigid temperatures and major storms.  No matter where you live, the possibility of both of these things could happen.  However, the farther north, the more severe the winter can be.  Items like apparel, gadgets, and even winter services can help make any winter more bearable! Take a look at the list of items and services we think you will need this upcoming, cold winter season!

winter storm warning

Necessary Winter Apparel

  • -Heavy Winter Coat
  • -Winter Hat

  • -Gloves
  • -Boots
  • -Thermals
    Do your own research on these items and find what brand and style best fit your needs!

Correct Snow Tools

  • -Shovel
    A decent shovel will make all the difference this winter. After a major snowstorm falls, the snow is ready to be shoveled.  You will need to carve out extra time to remove snow from your driveway, walkways, and sidewalks.
  • -Snow Brush
    Is necessary to leave in your car to remove the snow that has piled up overnight after a snowstorm.  Even a smaller snow brush can do the trick. But forgetting to brush off the excess snow off the top of your car could be dangerous to yourself and to other drivers.
  • -Ice Scraper
    A good ice scraper will help you take the ice off of your windshield and the passenger and rear windows.  After you start your carPrestone Windshield De-Icer and begin to defrost the windshield, you will still need to use an ice scraper to speed up the process and remove the ice faster so you can see while driving.

Helpful Winter Gadgets

  • -Remote Car Starter
    Works best for those cold mornings where you don’t want to put on your boots and coat to run outside with your keys and start your car.  It could save you time in the morning by just standing in the window, starting your car, and going on with your morning routine.  Then once you get outside, the snow and ice will be melted off a good portion of your car and you will be ready to drive!
  • -Prestone Windshield De-Icer
    If you’re looking for that quick trick to save you time in the morning, then we have just the gadget for you!  Prestone Windshield De-Icer is a hack found on Tik Tok and will do the trick! Just spray on your windshield and watch the ice melt away!
    cars covered in snow

Snow Removal Service

Once you are prepared with all things winter, next you have to deal with the snow. Hiring a local snow plowing service will help take care of any headaches during the winter season. Your local snow plow company can remove snow from your driveway, clean snow off your car, clear your walkways, and may even salt your driveway.

You don’t even need to secure a contract this winter. There are on-demand snow plowing services that can be ordered days in advance or even ASAP.  You can gauge the severity of the storm and see if a snowplow service is even necessary for each storm. With on-demand, no-contract services, you are given the option to place an order once you have all the necessary information!

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Posted on December 1, 2021

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