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Red, White, and Blue Tag

A twist on an instant classic! Each competitor receives either a red, blue, or white token. In order to win, a player needs to collect a token in each color and they do this by tagging the people who have the different colored tokens. It is also a great way to get out and exercise this 4th of July Independence Day!

Baseball Game

What’s more patriotic than participating in America’s favorite pastime? I’ll tell you what… Nothing! Divide your guests up into two different teams and use outdoor pillows as the different bases. Don’t have a bat or ball? Kickball can also be an equally fun alternative that gets everyone up and moving!

USA Baseball 4th of July 2017Via GIPHY

Fourth of July Bingo

No, Bingo is not just for elderly people in retirement homes. This is a perfect DIY game for this 4th of July! Just create your own America-themed board by using construction paper and stickers. Maybe even throw in some patriotic prizes up for grabs too!

Independence Day Costume Contest

Who says Halloween is the only holiday you can dress up for? Challenge all your guests to come in their best patriotic costumes and give prizes to those who are the most accurate and creative. You’ll be surprised by what people come up with!

Fourth of July Costume Contest 2017Via GIPHY

Capture the American Flag

Just like the popular game, capture the flag, but one flag is blue and the other is red giving a patriotic element to the game. You can also push the patriotic theme even further by separating teams by red, white or blue T-shirts.

Pin the Hat on Uncle Sam

Again, another variation on a classic game, but instead of pinning the tail on the donkey, guests pin the hat on Uncle Sam. Blindfold your guest, spin each player around 3 times, make sure there is no peaking, and let the game begin! Your guests will commend you on your creativity and have a blast with this bigger target.

Uncle Sam Fourth of July 2017

Patriotic Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts aren’t just for Easter eggs. Give guests creative clues to find all the mini versions of liberty bells, soldiers, flags, declaration of independence’s, and other patriotic items you hid before their arrival. Reward the player who finds the most with a patriotic prize!

American history trivia contest

Perfect for the history buffs out there (yes, there is always a few in every group)! Set up a creative game that quizzes people to see who actually knows American history. You may be embarrassed by the answer! 

Patriotic Corn Hole

The game taking the nation by storm now comes in American themed varieties. Many people even build their own! Corn hole is a 4-player bean bag toss game that is sure to entertain everyone at your cookout for hours. 

American Corn Hole Fourth of July 2017


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