Polar-Vortex-Winter-Storm-Astro-PlowzWith another Polar Vortex descending on the Northern Midwest and Winter Storm Astro sweeping in as well, we’re not sure whether we’re watching the weather or a bad episode of The Jetsons. Unfortunately for some, it seems more like the former. The two weather events are going to combine tonight through this week to dump the first big snowfall of the season for the Northern Cities. Check the snowfall predictions below to see if you need to order a Plowz.

Chicago: 0 – 2 inches by Wednesday 11/12

Minneapolis: 5-9 inches by Wednesday 11/12.

St. Paul: 8-10 inches by Wednesday 11/12

Buffalo: 2-4 inches by Friday 11/14.

Wisconsin: 5-8 inches by Wednesday 11/12.

Most of these “Snow Belt” areas are used to the snow and cold. We hope everyone stays warm and drives safely next week as we officially head into winter. You can post your predictions about the snowfall on our Facebook page for a chance to win a free Plowz service, so at least something good will come of all this snow.