Your home is your temple, and you take pride in how your backyard looks. But often, you have to look at the dreaded neighbor’s Property. Whether that is overgrown grass, trash in the yard, or weeds, as much as you want to confront them and tell them how you feel about their disgrace of a lawn, it’s often awkward and can sometimes create conflict with your neighbor.

Here are some passive-aggressive ways you can take to get your neighbor to shape up:

  1. Contact your local code enforcement. Most towns and cities have codes for overgrown grass, weeds, and shrubs. The code enforcement officer often stops by the Property and writes your neighbor a citation and fine. The neighbor will have a specific time frame to resolve the issue, or more expensive penalties will occur. If you reside in a small town, buddy up with the code enforcement officer. Often you can find them at the local dive bar after work. Buy them beer and let them know where you live.
  2. Put up a fence. Yes, this can be expensive, but this is a perfect passive-aggressive way to let your neighbor know you can’t stand looking at their Property.
  3. Offer them a one-time lawn mow/yard cleanup from Plowz & Mowz. Knock on their door and tell them their subsequent yard care is on you. This will likely make them feel embarrassed. Plowz and Mowz offers next-day lawn mowing and yard cleanup so you can fix this problem quickly.
  4. Contact the neighborhood gossiper. This might sound silly, but trust me it works. Next time you’re strolling in your neighborhood, stop over at your nosey neighbor who is always in people’s business. Tell them about your neighbor’s horrible lawn, and be sure to mention that it is bringing down the entire neighborhood’s property values. The news will spread across the neighborhood like lighting, most likely getting back to your neighbor in 24 hours. Your neighbor will take care of the problem to avoid further embarrassment. 

These are tested methods that work time after time. In no time, you will look into your neighbor’s backyard with a smile to see their yard looking the way it should. Make sure you compliment them on how amazing their yard looks.