WE care about your lawn, because we know YOU care about it. For that reason, we spend a whole lot of time here on this blog compiling the best tips and ‘yard-hacks’ that the landscaping world has to offer. In those types of posts, we talk a lot about what to DO to your lawn to promote it’s health, with minimum effort. Well today we’re going to switch it up, slightly. We’re going to talk about what NOT to do, which can be just as important.


Here are 6 things you should definitely NEVER do…


  1. Skip a weekly mowing. It seems harmless. It’s not. When you let your lawn go too long between lawn mows, bad things happen. Unattended grass tends to grow tall and shaggy, rather than thick and dense. As some blades grow taller, they block the sun from reaching the other blades. The longer that is allowed to happen, the greater the chances that gaps in between blades grow large enough for weeds to grow in. Additionally, the longer the grass grows, the greater the chance that when you finally get around to mowing, you end up scalping the lawn. MOWZ is always there to help! 
  2. Over fertilizing. It’s important to occasionally fertilize your lawn. It promotes it’s healthy growth and longevity. Add too much, however, and you run the risk of dehydrating the grass. Too much fertilizer, can also cause the grass to grow predictably. If it grows too fast, it can require more regular lawn mows, which makes it hard to maintain.
  3. Not knowing your lawn. Not all grass is the same, and therefore not all grass requires the same care. Take the time to do some research. Most types of grass are specific to a geographical region. Find out what kind of of grass is growing outside your front door and avoid mistakes like giving it the wrong kind of seed or seed mixture.
  4. Overwatering. Not only is it a waste of water, but pouring too much of it into your grass and soil actually puts the lawn at risk. Believe it or not, more lawns in the US are damaged by overwatering than by underwatering. The excess water increases the odds of lawn diseases, washes away fertilizer, and can cause the lawn to grow unpredictably.
  5. Bagging grass. Many believe that leaving grass clippings in the yard help contribute to thatch problems. That just isn’t true. In fact, the clippings provide a much needed source of nutrients needed by your lawn.
  6. Mowing with dull blades. Dull blades don’t provide a clean cut. Instead, they rip the grass blades apart making the lawn more susceptible to drought and disease. Worried your blades might have dulled? Don’t worry. You can always order a MOWZ while you have them sharpened.

Take care of you lawn! If you need help, we’re standing by. Order a MOWZ service!


SOURCE: http://bottomlineinc.com/the-8-worst-things-you-can-do-to-your-lawn/