Father’s Day is coming up fast and if you’re searching for the perfect gift for the special Dad in your life, then you’re in luck. Most Dads will agree that mowing the lawn is pretty low on their list of how they’d like to spend their weekend. So what better gift to give him than recurring Mowz service throughout the summer. He’ll have his weekends free and can spend less time mowing and more time with you. Here’s 5 Reasons why Mowz is the best gift for any Dad this Father’s Day.

1)It gives him a break


It’s hard work being a Dad. Between the dry humor and questionable fashion sense, Dad’s have a lot of tough responsibilities. Just imagine how hard it would be to raise you?! There is one thing that Dads love more than anything: naps. Dad’s have this uncanny ability to fall asleep virtually anywhere. Rumor has it my dad missed my birth because he was taking a nap. Y’know the one place they can’t fall asleep? Behind a lawn mower. So give your dad what he really wants; some rest and relaxation.

2)It gives him time to spend with you


This is perhaps the most important reason why you should give the gift of Mowz, spending more time with your dad. Now that he has a little more free time you can go golfing, watch a movie, cook a nice meal together, and more! Dad’s are really special, wonderful people and we can learn a lot from them just by spending a few minutes hanging out.

3)It gives him a beautiful looking lawn.


Few things make a Dad prouder than a beautiful, well-maintained lawn. It’s a symbol of reliability, care, and responsibility. Aside from his children, his lawn is one of the ways a Dad can show the world he’s able to create, grow, and maintain something successfully. And while he may enjoy the results, maintaining a beautiful lawn is difficult. So taking just one of the many chores that go into having such a pristine yard off of his list can give him plenty of time to focus on weeding, fertilizing, etc.

4)It saves him from himself


For all of their wonderful skills and talents, one thing that Dads seem to lack is coordination. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve seen them hammer their thumb, trip over laundry, or nearly fall off of a ladder; I’d be rich. While mowing the lawn isn’t the most dangerous way to spend Father’s Day, saving Dad’s from “Dad accidents” (Dadcidents? Daccidents?) should be a priority. There’s nothing worse than spending Father’s Day in the Emergency Room because he threw his back out trying to get the lawn mower out of the back of the garage.

5)You won’t have to mow either!

There’s nothing wrong like giving a gift that’s mutually beneficial, and that’s just what Mowz can be. You’ll no longer be awoken by the sound of your Dad mowing the lawn at 7:00 AM on a Saturday or be asked to finish mowing the backyard just as you were about to walk out of the house to see a movie. Just like that big screen TV he got you for your birthday that he always hogs, Mowz is a gift everyone in the family can appreciate.

There’s a million reasons why Mowz is the best gift you could give your Dad this Father’s Day. We guarantee that he’ll be thrilled that he won’t have to mow the grass and relieved that he won’t have to pretend to like the tie that you got him. Don’t forget that you can order recurring service so he (or you) don’t have to mow the lawn for the rest of the summer.