Could ordering a Mowz for your lawn lead to making millions… or even billions? We think so, but we are also a little bit biased.

We reached out to some of the best and brightest for their opinion. They all agreed with us, but described different ways getting Mowz-ed could lead to great wealth. Here are the top four:

  1. Living like a millionaire might lead you to become one.

Mike Tyson doesn’t mow his lawn. Mike Tyson owns a tiger. Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t mow his lawn. Leonardo DiCaprio has a yacht. Richard Branson doesn’t mow his lawn. Richard Branson has a private island. See the pattern here? Start living like a millionaire. Start eating at restaurants so expensive that prices are not included on the menu. Start staying at hotels so exclusive that you couldn’t find them on Travelocity. Start buying tigers and yachts and islands. At this point, you’ll become a millionaire out of necessity (because all those things are outrageously expensive!).

billionaire house

  1. Mowing takes time. Mowz saves time. Time equals opportunity.

You never know when your billion-dollar, once in a lifetime idea might strike. Studies suggest that getting out and about, seeing new things and visiting new places maximizes creativity. You’ll need that enhanced creativity if you’re going to make millions. Mowing the same old lawn you see every morning as you leave for work, and then again when you get back doesn’t exactly provide you with a plethora of new, idea-generating stimuli. Already have an idea? Get to work! Starting that multi-million dollar company takes time and a lot of hard work. Investors won’t be waiting on your front lawn.

late night work

  1. The convenience you experience might inspire you.

In our capitalistic economy, convenience sells. That’s why our customers love our service, and services like ours. That’s why a company like Uber is valued at over 50 billion dollars. CEO of the ride-hailing company, Travis Kalanick, has repeatedly said that what they’re selling is time… not a service. When it takes you less than a minute and a few clicks on your iPhone to get your lawn mowed, edged and blown you might be inspired by the ease. That inspiration might very well light the bulb for your own time-saving, convenience-based company. Please give Kalanick our best when you see him at the club.

  1. A great lawn opens doors.

This last one is simple: people love a great lawn. Who knows… your car breaks down. You hitch a ride from your boss. Boss arrives and, as he waits, he looks out at your lawn and thinks, “What a well manicured lawn. That shows real responsibility. Maybe this guy should have my job?” One promotion leads to another, and before you know it you’re running your company and pulling in million-dollar bonuses every month. This is just one possible scenario. Need more? Let us know. We could go on for days.