As we enter this long, 4th of July weekend the team here at PLOWZ & MOWZ wanted to thank the brave men and women that have sacrificed so much four our country for their service, by offering our service… for free! 

If you are a wounded veteran and have a lawn that could use a mow from a local professional, or if you know someone who fits that description than please let us know. We’d like to get these lawns cut as soon as possible!

Here are the details: 

What: A free MOWZ on demand lawn service.

Who: Any wounded service veterans that submit a request. (Or have one submitted in their behalf)

When: Now-July 5th, 2016. (Order ASAP, limited to the first 100 requests)

Where: Any lawn in need, located in any of our active markets. (Up to 1 half acre)

Why: As a token for our sincere appreciation.