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Top Rated Firewood Delivery Services Near Minneapolis

As winter creeps in or arrives in full force, there’s nothing better than a crackling fire keeping you, your family and your house nice and warm. What’s also great on top of the firewood itself is having an app that delivers firewood straight to your door. Take your choice from various types of quality firewood, such as Birch, Red Oak, Maple and Mixed Hardwood. Great firewood can be used for grilling or barbecue, or simply as a cozy indoor fireplace.

It can get super cold in Minnesota during winter, which is why firewood delivery is such a great solution. Busy at work? Busy with family? Don’t like going outside in the cold? Firewood delivery is there for you in the Minneapolis area. Even if you have your own land with trees that can be axed, sometimes that work simply isn’t necessary or enjoyable to get a significant amount of wood in freezing temperatures. Make life a little easier with firewood delivery and get some quality, clean, dried and seasoned wood ready for burning. There’s absolutely no need to worry about damp or wet wood again when you order firewood delivery.


Plowz & Mowz firewood service is sure to warm you up! All our firewood is bought locally and delivered by an insured professional. Upon placing the order, simply include clear delivery instructions as to where the wood should be piled and let us handle the rest.

Since it gets freezing in Minneapolis during the winter, it’s super important to get warm during the season and what better way than with trusted, top-rated firewood delivery service. Here’s the current top-rated firewood delivery service in the Minneapolis area:

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Posted on September 18, 2020

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