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Top 10 Dog Parks in Minneapolis, Minnesota


1. St. Anthony Parkway Off-Leash Dog Park

There is a dog park located across the street from Columbia Park Golf Learning Center on St Anthony Parkway’s south side. The parking lot is located West of the Columbia Golf Learning Center and near the kiosk. St. Anthony Parkway Dog Park is a public, paid dog park located at Columbia Park in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In the 180-acre Columbia park, the dog park is home to a cross-country ski trail, a driving range, a golf course, a horseshoe pit, a rugby field, a soccer field, and tennis courts. It also features an archery range, public restrooms, playgrounds, picnic areas, and plenty of walking paths where leashed dogs are welcome. Its terrain consists of rolling hills and open spaces filled with lush greenery. The St. Anthony Parkway Dog Park can be found west of the golf learning center by the driving range.


2. Franklin Terrace Off-Leash Dog Park

Dogs are allowed to play off-leash in a designated area of this park on Franklin Terrace. This 1.6-acre dog park is located just south of I-94 adjacent to Riverside Park. Enter from Franklin Terrace or W. River Parkway. An annual permit is required to use Minneapolis dog parks. The cost is $40 for city residents and $60 for non-residents.


3. Lyndale Farmstead Dog Park

Lyndale Farmstead Off-Leash Dog Park is one of seven dog-friendly recreation areas in the Minneapolis area. There are benches and shaded areas for humans to enjoy while pets run around the park. Before heading into the park, you can park on West 38th and West 40th streets or Bryant Avenue. Pet owners should remember that the Lyndale Farmstead Dog Park’s ground is crushed granite, which some dog’s paws may be sensitive to the surface.
Lyndale Farmstead Off-Leash Park sits on the same grounds as the pawpular Farmstead Park. The fenced dog play area has a crushed granite ground covering, meaning even if there is a downpour, Fido will still have a pawsome place to race and around and have a ball. Lyndale Farmstead Off-Leash Park offers no on-site amenities for dogs. There is no seating provided within the dog run, so if you want to cop a squat, bring along a blanket or lawn chair for your sitting comfort.


4. Minnehaha Dog Park

Bring your dog for a hike along the gorgeous waterfalls in this Minneapolis park. This park has hiking trails through the woods and doggy access to the Mississippi River. An off-leash permit is required to gain admittance. Bring quarters for parking meters. Minnehaha Off-Leash Dog Park is a 6.58-acre dog park located on the south end of Minnehaha Park, 54th St., and Hiawatha Ave. It features woodland, river shore, open fields, and marked paths. A trail through the woods leads to a sandy beach along the Mississippi River where dogs can swim. The recreation area itself is off-leash, but not the paths leading there. A permit is required to use the Off-Leash Recreation Area.

5. Loring Park Dog Park

Loring Park Dog Grounds is one of seven urban off-leash dog parks in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Lying in the north corner of the family-friendly Loring Park, this dedicated dog plays haven offers a fully fenced run where dogs can run, roughhouse, and wrestle to their hearts’ content. The play space is situated on 0.22 acres of land, which, though small, offers ample room for dogs to enjoy a good run and some off-leash exercise. Loring Park Dog Grounds is a private dog play center. To access the facilities, owners must obtain a park membership. Loring Park Dog Grounds requires all owners to submit applications for park membership to apply for the following items: an Off-Leash Permit and a Minneapolis Pet License. Loring Park Dog Grounds is primarily lined with sand, dirt, and grass.
Owners should be aware that there is minimal parking at this dog playground.



6. Lake of the Isles Dog Park

The City of Minneapolis is renowned for the care and maintenance of their city parks and facilities; this dog park is no exception. The Lake of the Isles Dog Park is a broad swath of land, well cared for and well worth the visit for residents of the nearby area and travelers who find this park on their route. The Lake of the Isles Dog Park is a large canine play space, with some massive open spaces and large trees dotting the area. The trees give a great deal of shade for the park’s patrons, and you can find benches and picnic tables often placed underneath for seating in the natural shade. More trees line the park, creating a makeshift perimeter around the area. It lacks some of the amenities you may find at other dog parks for all the parks’ benefits. There is no running water here; you will need to bring your water and dish to keep your canine hydrated.


7. Victory Prairie Dog Park

The regulars have provided a box with bags for clean up and bowls for water, but you should bring your own water. The locals are friendly, but some dogs are overly alpha. Not a good place if your puppy is shy. The city’s handout says parking on Russell is allowed, but some neighbors yell at people who park in front of their homes.


8. Airport Park Off-Leash Dog Park

Pets will love to play off-leash at this neighborhood dog park, though be careful as the area is not fully fenced. It is located just south of Highway 62; the Airport Dog Park is sandwiched between Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, a large swamp/wetland area, and a lot where you can park for free. Note that the area is not entirely fenced, so make sure your pooch has good recall, or wait until you’re far enough away from the road before you unclip their leash. No permit is required to use the Airport Dog Park, but pup parents are expected to police themselves and clean up after their four-legged charges. Bring your own water and doggie waste bags, as these are not provided. There are no garbage bins on-site either, so you’ll have to carry out whatever Fido puts down.


9. Sochacki Dog Park

Sochacki Park is pet-friendly. The park includes 37 acres of land in Robbinsdale and the Rice Lake and Mary Hills nature areas in Golden Valley. Park amenities include picnic tables and shelter along with a meandering paved trail running. The park’s length will provide future connections to regional trails in the area. Dogs are welcome to hang out in the dog park. It is located in a grassy area just east of the park’s north parking lot; you and your pooch will find water bowls, plus there is plenty of dog-friendly hiking and walking trails nearby. The park is open every day of the week from 5 am to 10 pm.


10. North Loop Play Area

North Loop Play Area is pet-friendly. The North Loop play area is located at 3rd Street North and 8th Avenue North next to the Herschel Lofts Building. The play area is approximately 6,000 square feet solely dedicated to off-leash play by neighborhood dogs.

Posted on December 7, 2020

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