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Best Rated Dog Parks In Detroit


1. Dearborn Dog Park

The Dearborn Dog Parked opened on August 19, 2017, divided into two areas, one for larger animals weighing more than 30 pounds and the other for smaller dogs. Each area is enclosed with a fence and accessible only through a gate, which will restrict entry to dog owners who have paid a fee for using the facility. Each area is equipped with benches, dog waste bags, waste disposal stations, water access, and unique dog agility equipment. Dogs in the park must be accompanied by a human handler at least 16 years old. Canines can play off the leash but must wear a collar or harness with their Dearborn dog tags. The humans also must carry a leash if the dog needs restraining and to walk the pet to and from the entrance of the dog park. One person may bring no more than two dogs. Dog owners/handlers must not let their use of electronic devices interfere with their ability to monitor their dog’s behavior.


2. Detroit Dog Park

There are 3 off-leash dog parks in Detroit and 14 more nearby. After serving as a transit hub for decades, the time has come to replace the concrete with a park that, when completed, will create a lush urban oasis that honors its past, promotes sustainable design, and fosters connections through multiple functions in the park, including a new dog park.


3. Grand Circus Dog Park

Bring Fido to the Grand Circus Dog Park to romp on its spacious grounds. Free, interactive programs are offered at the Park throughout the year for dogs. And lucky for local pups, this busy city has a place just for them in the middle of it all! Downtown pooches with the need to socialize flock to the Grand Circus Dog Park for a day of free off-leash fun. The double-gated entry provides extra safety, while the open space welcomes all sizes of dogs to mix and mingle. However, very small dogs may be able to fit through the fencing, so be cautious if you have a tiny pup. This community-driven dog hot spot often hosts dog pawties and events, such as pool parties, Halloween bashes, and even a dog prom.


4. WOOF haven Dog Park

WOOF haven Dog Park is a membership-based park located in CivicCenter Park. Amenities include separate areas for small and large dogs, picnic tables, benches, and clean-up stations. Memberships are available to purchase at the City Clerk’s Office located at 21869 West Road. Only two dogs per person are permitted in the park.


5. Mark Twain Dog Park

This fenced, a neighborhood dog park is a great place for Royal Oak pets to get their off-leash exercise. Membership is required to ensure dogs are vaccinated. The Mark Twain Dog Park is a wide-open field for canines to run and play. The batting cage at the park makes it apparent this used to be an old baseball field, though the area in front of the enclosure is no longer the dirt it would have been, and the entire area is grass. This dog park is located in town near the intersection of E 12 Mile and North Campbell Road. The Mark Twain Dog Park does not have as many amenities as some of the other dog parks might. Dog bags and trash cans are available for public use. There is no separate small dog area to this park.


6. Midtown Dog Park

Midtown Detroit Dog Park is a grassy space for Fido to play off-leash. The Dog Park is fenced-in and features picnic tables. Hosting Wayne State University, the famous Detroit Institute of Arts, and plenty of art galleries, eateries, and clubs, Midtown made sure to make room for its beloved pooches at this refurbished empty lot. There’s a small dog section for the tiny pups and a tunnel for extra fun in the big dog section. When getting ready to explore this dog park, be sure your dog is licensed, fully vaccinated, and wearing appropriate tags on their collars. Keep the leash on your dog when entering and exiting the dog park for safety and everywhere outside of it.


7. Canton Dog Park

Pets love the well-kept off-leash dog park. Canton Dog Park is fully fenced with a separate area for small dogs and loads of room to play. The park also features shaded areas, nearby parking, and a water fountain outside the park for thirsty dogs. The Canton Dog Park is open and free for all dog owners to use, but we request that all users treat the space, other dogs, and other humans with respect. To use the park, dogs cannot be aggressive. They must be neutered past the age of 9 months. Owners are responsible for monitoring their dog’s behavior as well as cleaning up after their dogs.


8. Rose Dog Park

Rose West Dog Park is a pet-friendly off-leash area in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Dog owners are welcome to bring up to three pets into the park with them. Mainly made up of luscious green spaces for Fido to play on, the park also includes winding pathways for owners to walk, bathrooms for humans, poop bag stations for the pups, seating, tables, and water fountains throughout for the dog. Rose West Dog Park is open Thursday through Tuesday from dawn until dusk. The park is closed on Wednesdays for Maintenance.


9. Canine To Five

Canine to Five’s approach is based on founder Chrissy Wohltmann’s intuitive relationship-based philosophy with dogs. She innately and organically has learned how they interpret and interact with each other and humans. Together with her team, they take this knowledge and use it to help dogs and owners live happier, healthier, and more synergistic lives. This harmonious pack mentality extends to all aspects of the business.


10. Karner Farm Dog Park

West Bloomfield pets love this 3 acre fenced off-leash play area, a great place for their daily exercise.-The fee is $30 for the year (January through December) and is not prorated. Only West Bloomfield Township residents may register. Proof of up-to-date, current vaccination must include Bordatella at the time of registration. Registration will not be permitted if the county dog license, vaccination papers, and driver’s license do not match exactly.

Posted on December 7, 2020

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