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Cutting the grass can be an absolute hassle.  Luckily for you, you can turn to some great service from Plowz & Mowz where we’ll find you fantastic local professionals to quickly and reliably get your job done. There’s no contract needed! We pride ourselves on punctuality, quality, and most of all, giving you the freedom to do more important things with your time. Customer service is always available for any problems, help, or issues.

Ordering Professional Lawn Care Service Has Never Been Easier!

  • – Order On-demand Lawn Maintenance Services from anywhere
  • – No need to be home when the landscaper mows your lawn
  • – No haggling or payments in-person, our app handles it all for you

Our Mobile App and Website make it easy to order and schedule lawn care for your yard

Hire a local professional lawn maintenance service

Why not leave the lawn mowing up to the professionals this year? Plowz & Mowz Lawn Mowing services are available all year long.  You can order a mow from your phone or another device from anywhere, anytime. It’s that easy! We like to make things simple. There’s no need to be home when the landscaper is at your house, so you are free to do whatever else it is that you feel like doing at that time. Our app handles all payments, so there’s no hassle or confusion.

Our fleet of professional landscapers and lawn mowing companies will cut and trim your lawn, clear off any hard surfaces, and send you a photo of a job well done! The average lawn should be mowed once a week (sometimes more or less frequently depending on the climate and how often you water your lawn). That’s a lot for a busy homeowner to keep on top of when you consider other yard work that has to get done too.

We don’t just mow lawns, we offer a full menu of lawn care services and lawn treatments such as lawn aeration, overseeding, fertilization, and much more to make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood from the landscape edges to the curb!

Our additional service add-ons include:

PREMIUM Lawn Service

  • – Commercial-grade equipment
  • – General liability insurance
  • – Minimum 4/5 star landscapers
  • Option to remove grass trimmings from site

All our landscaping providers are commercial grade, have insurance and are minimum 4 or 5 star companies

See what our customers have to say:

  • The guys who cut my yard did an outstanding job I really enjoyed using this service

    Adam C – Austin, TX

  • I was struggling to find someone to mow and was referred to Plowz and Mowz by a friend. The service was fast and the app was easy to use. My specific requests were accommodated as well.

    Josephine F – Lexington, MA

  • I wasn’t getting responses from any of my local lawn care services and then I found Mowz…the price was right with no contract so I thought what the heck, I’ll give it a try. BEST SERVICE EVER!!! The edging, mowing and blowing were all a professional grade and the service was sooo easy to order/schedule. I will use this service ongoing when I can’t get to the lawn myself!

    Julie P – Dallas, GA

  • I have only used it once, and it worked great! Upon arriving home and reviewing their work, it was obvious they were professionals and knew what they were doing. Their work was 10x better than whatever I was doing… I will be using this app again.

    Craig J – Raleigh, NC

  • “MOWZ® is the most convenient app I’ve ever used. It gave me piece of mind knowing that my lawn would be taken care of while I went on vacation with my family. MOWZ® even sent me a picture of my beautiful finished lawn…while I was on the beach!”

    Martha M. Home Owner, New York

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