Pool parties might just be the best part of summer. Think about it! You’re inside, at work, sitting at a desk, watching the sun shine through the window, daydreaming about the pool and how nice it would be to get outside and soak up some of your summer. We get it. So we’ve come up with some ideas to help you get your best pool party on.


1. Cleaning the Deck


First thing’s first, you cannot throw a pool party with a dirty patio or deck. Pressure washing will rid your exterior of grass clippings, dirt, residues, and any mildew that may be present…so, it’s a bit necessary! We know not everyone owns a pressure washer, but just a garden hose won’t cut it for that deep dirt and residue. Hiring a local professional to power wash your deck is always a great alternative. Having a clean atmosphere will make the guests more comfortable and relaxed knowing where they hangout and swim is safe and clean. Make the outside of your home sparkle the way the inside does (and we’re hoping it’s clean inside when we say that). 


2. Keep the Yard Clean

Before you’ve got all of your favorite people checking into your backyard, make sure it’s clean! If you’ve got a dog, make sure their territory isn’t currently marked. If you have grass clippings laying around, debris, or random things all over the yard that you need hauled away, do so before the party starts! Remember, it’s not all about being pretty. The cleaner, the better! This isn’t just to impress your guests, but the healthier and cleaner your lawn is, the healthier and better you’ll feel after being outside in it. 


3. Impress With Unique Summer Drinks

Get your drink on! We absolutely love this watermelon-tequila cocktail with blueberries! Or refresh your guests with your own version of sangria using your favorite wine and fruits. If you are not into the fruity side of drinks, a nice, ice cold beer will always do the trick.  Don’t forget the most obvious necessity- water! You and your guests will also need to stay hydrated with water. Being out in the sun for long periods of time will make it easy to forget how much alcohol you’ve consumed and how little water you have consumed. Water might seem boring, but throw some watermelon and mint leaves in there or some fresh lemons to add a little taste and make it more enjoyable!

4. Aesthetically Pool-Easing 

string lights yardWe had to do it…make your pool party the place to be for both you and your guests. Use decor to spruce up your lawn or patio furniture (pillows, plants). If you can hook up string lights for an evening gathering, you’re sure to wow everyone that attends! Don’t forget about the pool floaties and some inflatable beach balls! Not only will these make it more fun to swim but also will add a little decor to the surroundings off the pool! However, try to remember- sometimes, less is more. Try to achieve a minimalist feel, this won’t overwhelm you or the guests and will keep things feeling clean and easy. C’mon, what’s prettier than a sparkling pool and string lights hanging above a party with great food and drinks? Not much! 

Don’t forget the music! Choose music that sets the vibe for a fun, relaxing time outside. Use Pandora or Spotify stations to get a solid variety of tunes. If you don’t have a speaker, throw a cup over your phone to maximize the sound!


5. The Aftermath

The worst part of the party is when it ends. The denial of tomorrow’s long work day ends and reality sets in. But worst of all might just be the clean up. Make clean up easy on yourself with some of these tips:

  • Leave a couple of hampers or large bins around the patio for guests to throw their towels into. This will eliminate your need to walk around the pool and pick up everyone’s damp, used towels. Do the same with a garbage bin so that trash is disposed of immediately and not hanging around your pool area.
  • If your pool uses chlorine, make sure to pick up articles of clothing nearby or floating in the pool! The chlorine is likely to discolor the clothing and what’s more annoying than that?
  • Don’t forget to cover your pool back up to keep it as clean as possible for its next use!