Need help planning something special for the 4th of July? Parties and gatherings can stressful but there is no need to panic! We understand a lot of planning goes into the 4th of July such as events nearby, special outfits, desserts/drinks, and of course the decorations! Here are a few helpful tips to help make your holiday special.

4th of july pinneaple with american flag


1. 4th of July Events Near Me

Don’t want to sit at home this 4th? No problem, there are many local events that go on for the holiday all over! First thing that comes to mind to most is fireworks. Pull out those lawn chairs and pack a cooler and head on over to your local firework show. Need something to do during the day? Check out a local Independence Day parade/festival and you can even dress up to join the fun and celebration!

red white and blue firework show


2. 4th of July Decorations

Are you having a party to celebrate the holiday but not sure how to decorate it? No problem! First things first make sure the yard is cleaned up. A cut lawn will make the guests feel more comfortable to participate in fun lawn games! The most obvious decoration needed is the American Flag. You could even get a few American Flag banners to hang inside our outside by the patio. Patriotic dishes and cups to pass the snacks around on will also make the meal more fun and exciting! Need something fun for the kids? Patriotic glow sticks will bring out the excitement especially when the sun starts to go down!

american flag june cornhole


3. 4th of July Desserts

Looking to make some tasty treats this holiday? Prepping snacks for a party can be stressful. Bringing or providing a dessert is always a safe option because who doesn’t enjoy a sweet dessert? Sugar cookies! Make fun shaped Independence themed sugar cookies and decorate them with patriotic colors and designs. Did someone say cupcakes? Cupcakes would be a quick and easy dessert to make and you can even jazz them up with red white and blue frosting. Special desserts for adults can also be easy and fun, it starts with an A and ends with a L. Did you guess it? Alcohol! One fun special cocktail you can make is frozen alcoholic beverages. Pick your poison whether it’s vodka or rum. Then make three batches of a frozen drink and each batch should have a different color such as red white and blue. Then when all the batches are made, take a mason jar and pour the 3 different batches into it creating 3 levels. Your friends will be amazed at your creative bar skills!

red white and blue cocktail


4. 4th of July Outfits

Do you have a July 4th party to go to and not sure what to wear? Have fun with it! There are many options to choose from for dressing up for Independence day. Personally I would find either blue or red pants/shorts to start. Once you have a base planned it is easy to know what kind of top and accessories you will need to complete the outfit. Next find a fun white shirt with cool Patriotic designs on it to make the outfit pop. ACCESSORIES, these are very important to make sure you have a chance to win in the outfit competition. Fun light up necklaces, an Uncle Sam hat, or even a white mustache. If you really want to get into the holiday spirit you can go all out with a fun Uncle Sam costume. Now that’s an outfit!

Uncle Sam Costume