We all have been there… whether it’s from doing yard work outside, relaxing by the pool or beach, or even just being outside for short periods of time. Sunburns stink! They itch, blister, and the worst thing is they peel. No one likes peeling skin like a reptile because not only is it annoying it can be very embarrassing! Not only can it be embarrassing but it can lead to very dangerous diseases such as melanoma and the most deadly diseases such as skin cancer. Below are a few remedies and tips on how to help a sunburn.

Women sitting watching the sunset outside


1. What is sunburn?

First things first, what is sunburn? A sunburn is reddening of the skin that can blister, peel, and burn until it heals. You can get a sunburn by spending long amounts of time in the sun without taking precautions. The sun has very strong and dangerous ultraviolet rays. These rays are invisible but the sun gives them off as energy. Although they may be very helpful to our environment they aren’t always the best for our bodies.

Women laying in the sun getting a tan


2. You can even get sunburn on a cloudy day

Don’t be fooled.. You can get a sunburn even on cloudy and hazy days. Also, it is possible to get a sunburn during the winter months as well. Our clouds do protect most of the rays that go through but some will still slip through and cause danger to your body. People mostly will get a sunburn when they don’t even realize it. Doing yard work outside such as mowing, weeding, mulching, and even cleaning up is one of the worst times you can get burned. You are so busy and distracted that you might not even notice your skin is burning. Not only can your skin burn but the rays are also very harmful to your eyes and the top of your head. Being around sand or water is also dangerous because they attract the most sunlight which then reflects off it to your body.

Cloudy sky above town


3. Tips to prevent getting sunburnt

There are many ways to help protect your skin from getting a sunburn. First things first and most important, SUNSCREEN. Especially if you have lighter more sensitive skin it is important to lather on the sunscreen. Areas that have the most exposure such as your face, top of your head, and shoulders are especially important to make sure you get them covered up. To protect your eyes make sure you have a nice pair of sunglasses to wear when going out into the sunlight. To protect the top of your head make sure you find a hat that covers your full head even your forehead. This will help protect the tip of your nose also.

If you are outside doing yard work such as mowing, weeding, mulching, etc. it is important to have long sleeve clothes on, long pants such as jeans, and socks and sneakers. If it is too hot you can check out some local landscaping apps that can do the job for you such as Plowz & Mowz

Women wearing a hat, glasses, and sunscreen outdoors


4. How to treat/heal sunburn fast

Taking care of sunburn can be pretty tricky. There are many remedies you can try and use on sunburnt skin to relieve the pain. The number one thing we think of when we get a sunburn is aloe. Aloe heals and softens the skin and people have been using it for thousands of years. Many people call aloe, “the burn plant” because the cooling sensation it gives on the skin helps the burning go away from the sunburn. It not only helps heal the skin but also moisturizes it which allows the skin to heal from mild burns and sunburn blisters. Another sunburn treatment to try is cucumbers. Cucumbers can help soothe a sunburn because of the nutrients it holds. One way you can use a cucumber is cutting up pieces and sticking it in a blender with aloe taken from the plant. Once its blended, apply to the skin for an instant relief. Another way to help a sunburn is lathering on moisturizer after you get out of the shower. This can prevent dryness and peeling where the sunburn is. Next, try applying a wet washcloth to a burn at least 10-15 minutes a day for a quick relief.

We know a sunburn can be not only painful but very itchy. It is important to wear comfy and soft clothes to reduce the risk of the fabric rubbing up against the burn. Polyester and nylon fabrics will be the most comforting because they do help the skin keep clean so whip out those exercise clothes! Lastly, hydrate. We can’t stress enough how important staying hydrated is when trying to heal a sunburn. Another reason to hydrate is to help sunburnt lips. When lips crack it not only is extremely painful but not pleasant to look at. Sunburns dry your skin out so if you are drinking plenty of H2O you will less likely start to peel where the burn is located.

Aloe plant cut open


That being said, take care of your skin because we only have so many chances before we severely damage the under layers of skin! Try to reduce the amount of time exposing your skin to the dangerous rays. We know summer is most people’s favorite season but if you are going to spend time outside, take the right precautions to insure your skin is safe. If you are going to limit your time outside to certain activities, dedicate it to spending time at the beach/pool and with family. Leave the yard work to landscaping companies.