It’s just about that time, folks! Halloween is just around the corner and when it comes to throwing the perfect Halloween party or making the exterior of your home spooky for all of the trick or treaters- we’ve got it all covered for you!

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Everyone loves dressing up now and then! Halloween is the one day every year that you can be someone or something else! If this excites you, take the opportunity to dress up! Costumes can be very expensive but there are many hacks to making the best costume at the party. We suggest window shopping and then making your own. Not only is this obviously cheaper, but there’s nothing like wearing something that you can say you made yourself!

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Party Time

If you’re already dressing up, you may as well show off the ensemble. Whether you’re throwing your own party or attending one, we’ve got all the hacks in making it memorable.

First of all- food. The more food you have or bring, the less candy you’ll eat! Obviously the holiday is all about having fun and eating lots of sugary treats, but opt for real foods and even savory options. Halloween themed hors d’oeuvres and appetizers will get guests excited and eager to try each one! We suggest these Halloween themed pigs in a blanket. Want to make a spooky dish to pass? Add some red food coloring to an appetizer and make it look like there’s blood!

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Nobody wants decorations that will be a pain to clean up or take down! Lights are always good- not just inside your home! String lights outside will let trick or treaters know that you’re really open for business. Carving pumpkins can be fun to do with loved ones and throw an LED light in them and they’re ready to take the porch. Fallen leaves can add a spooky feel to the home at night, and once Halloween is over and you’re ready to be rid of the mess, simply order LEAVES services and never worry about them again!

Scary skeleton decorations

How to Avoid Participation in the Holiday

Not in the Halloween spirit? Some of you might be avoiding trick or treaters altogether- it’s fine, we get it! Be sure to turn off the lights on the inside and outside of your home and kids will be less likely to approach altogether.

It’s not a bad idea to leave a bowl of candy outside – once it’s all gone, kids are likely to take the hint that you’re closed for the night. Leave a note near the bowl kindly asking trick or treaters to only take a few, and wishing them a Happy Halloween!

We are here to help make sure your yard isn’t the scariest sight on Halloween. Let the decorations do the scaring, and us do the landscaping. Happy Halloween!

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