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Spring Cleanup Checklist 2023


When the weather gets warm and the sun shines bright the urge to do some spring cleaning—outdoor yard cleaning!—is difficult to resist. It’s fun, but it can be overwhelming. Don’t get overly ambitious, though. Some jobs must wait until the ground dries a bit and the soil is warm enough for planting.

Otherwise, choosing how to start your annual yard cleanup depends upon both the weather and the chores at hand.

Pickup Sticks and Trash. Start this annual game as soon as you’re ready, just don’t drag the branches across the lawn. It’s still fragile, and sod is easily pulled up. If you do pull up a divot, press it back into place. Always wear gloves to gather trash.

Leaf Lifting. Your leaf blower might not do a lot for you in the spring, as leaves left over from the fall cleanup are usually wet and matted together. A pitchfork and a wheelbarrow are your friends here. Raking can disturb roots you’d rather leave alone and tear up sod.

Landscaping. Nope. Landscaping is not a spring yard cleanup chore. The ground is not yet warm enough to promote healthy plant growth yet, and seeds will not germinate. Plus, you want to give your established plants a chance to show their pretty faces.

Cleanup Plant Beds. Without disturbing plants, work carefully to remove debris from your plant beds. A small tool is your friend here, along with a knee pad.

Assess Mulch Needs. Rather than waiting in line to pay for mulch in May, estimate which areas need some added mulch and go get it. If you have mulch delivered, get ahead of the game and place the order now.

Cut Back Perennials. Remove all the old foliage and brown stalks on your perennials. The plants—and flowers!—will grow more vibrant, healthier, and fuller.

Pre-Emergent Herbicide. This is the stuff that helps stop weeds from sprouting in the first place. Get your product now and read the label. The best time depends upon the weather and ground temperature, however, some products may vary a bit.

Edging. There’s no better time to work on edging. The ground is still soft. Plus, nothing gives your yard a more professional look than properly done edging and mulch.

If all this seems like more than you want to do—after all, the weather’s warm, so it’s time to get walking, biking, and golfing—there’s a professional in your area who can get this done lickety-split. And hiring a landscaping professional for a spring yard cleanup is not as expensive as you might think.

Posted on March 28, 2023

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