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All You Need To Know About Spring Cleaning And Dog Poop


It can be devastating to see the dog’s yard just after the snow melts. During the warm months, you spend a lot more time walking your dog, and, as a thank you, he sometimes waits till he’s free from his own yard to do his business. (Actually, it’s not so much a thank you as a note that he’d rather not mess up his place.) You, of course, being a responsible neighbor, pick up the poop with a plastic bag and dispose of it in the trash. And, the few times he does poop in the yard during the warmer months, you routinely clean it up as you see it or do a quick check before you begin mowing the lawn each week (cleaning dog manure off of your lawnmower wheels is not fun). But there’s one time of the year when things can get out of control: winter.

When it’s cold, you don’t want to go out and scoop poop, especially at night in your PJs when you can’t see it anyway. And, besides that, one thing snow is truly good at is covering up ugly messes. Out of sight, out of mind. This method works especially well with dog poop—until the snow melts. And when it does, the fact that you own a dog or three becomes extremely obvious. And don’t believe the lazy dog owners: Poop doesn’t melt away. You need to pick it up and get rid of it.

You can compost it, bury it (careful where you choose so you don’t contaminate a waterway), install dog-poop septic (yes, they make these), or scoop it up using plastic bags, seal them tightly, and place them in the trash. Note: You can purchase biodegradable plastic dog poop bags that come in a nice little carrier you can put right on your leash. You can also go high-tech and purchase a dog-poop vacuum or a power scooper, although these can be pricey options—and you still need to clean them after you finish.

Whatever you choose, you must do the job. Or do you? Frankly, I find it easiest to hire a professional dog-poop cleaning company and let them prepare the yard for spring. After all, for the rest of the year, I’m a responsible dog owner who picks up poop as I see it.

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Posted on February 8, 2021

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