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Should you do 'No-Mow May' Based on your Horoscope?

♈ Aries (Ram): March 21–April 19

No, even though as an Aries you likely don't care if your neighbors hate you for spreading dandelions into their perfect lawn.

♉ Taurus (Bull): April 20–May 20

No. As a Taurus, you would not like the ticks you may pick up from the tall grass.

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♊ Gemini (Twins): May 21–June 21

No. Double no.

♋ Cancer (Crab): June 22–July 22

No. Cancer's are incompatible with this trend.

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♌ Leo (Lion): July 23–August 22

No. Leo's are too proud to let their neighbors have a better lawn than them.

♍ Virgo (Virgin): August 23–September 22

No. Not wanting to mow your lawn is such a Virgo move. Don't be lazy.

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♎ Libra (Balance): September 23–October 23

No. Libra's are well-known for mowing their lawn every 7-10 days.

♏ Scorpio (Scorpion): October 24–November 21

No. Scorpio's are too smart to let their lawn grow for a month just to risk damaging the grass when the eventually need to cut it back.

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♐ Sagittarius (Archer): November 22–December 21

No. Their love of the outdoors likely means they want to use their lawn for relaxation and entertainment, which is difficult to do if you don't mow every week or so.

♑ Capricorn (Goat): December 22–January 19

No. Capricorns have a strong sense of responsibility and practicality. They'd likely just plant more flowers in their landscaping.

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♒ Aquarius (Water Bearer): January 20–February 18

No. The forward thinking Aquarius would chose a more-sustainable solution to help the bees.

♓ Pisces (Fish): February 19–March 20

No. A Pisces strong sense of appreciation for beauty would lead them to want a solution that looks well-groomed.

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Posted on May 1, 2023

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