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Must-Have Outdoor Security Gadgets For Your Home In 2021

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Over the last year and a half, most people have been spending more and more time at home. Your home, whether you own a property or rent, should be a safe space for you and your family. Smart home gadgets can help make safety a number one priority in and around your home. I’ve rounded up and reviewed a few of my most recent smart home gadget purchases.

U-Tec U-Bolt

To complement the other smart home additions to my home, I figured it made sense for me to replace the old deadbolt door lock with the U-Tec U-Bolt. I choose this product because it integrated seamlessly with other smart Google products. I also had people like my cleaning lady and other individuals that I needed to let into my home when I wasn’t home so a product like this made sense. The setup of this product was very easy.  I used the online step-by-step video and had it installed in about 45 minutes. The product didn’t feel cheap and looks like it could withstand any burglar trying to get into my home.


  • -Works with any type of door
  • -Connects via WIFI for remote access
  • -Multiple users/codes available for programming
  • -The scheduling feature allows my door to automatically lock at 8 pm each night
  • -Easy to use


Nest Doorbell

Like many others during COVID, I was forced to work from home. I found myself getting up constantly to tell the neighborhood kids that my kids wereNest Door Bell not home or grabbing the package from the delivery guy. I already had a few Nest cameras already, so I decided to replace my 20+ year-old doorbell with the Nest Doorbell. For $179, it’s worth peace of mind and I never miss a package delivery or neighborhood kid stopping by even when I am not home.


  • -The Nest app works very well especially if you have their cameras, smoke alarms, and thermostat.
  • -The Facial recognition feature is great. Whether it’s your mailman or Karen next door, your phone lets you know before you even see the video.
  • -Two-way video/voice communication. I was out of town and let the Amazon driver know to put the package in my garage.
  • -High-quality and wide-angle video. The camera captures my entire porch. Even at night, you can easily discern any person who walks by your door.
  • -The doorbell uses the power from my old-fashioned doorbell. So, no charging or changing batteries.
  • -For a small monthly fee, I can store 30 days of video in the cloud.


MyQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Door Opener

In my opinion, this is one of the best and least expensive gadgets I have recently purchased. I have three garage doors and my kids are constantly leaving them open at night. With a recent rash of break-ins in my neighborhood, I did some research on how I could upgrade my garage door setup. With the Smart Garage Door Opener, you can now turn any old garage door into a smart opener. I was able to set up a timer so every night all three doors close at 7pm. This product also integrates with Amazon Key so the delivery people can open your garage and safely leave your package out of harm’s way.


  • -$29 to upgrade your garage door. No need to replace your older working unit
  • -Multi-user access
  • -Scheduling the door opening and closing using a simple calendar
  • -Integration with Amazon key plus a $30 gift card for signing up
  • -Ability to open and close your garage doors from anywhere


Aqonsie 2 pack outdoor solar lights

I needed some lighting in an area of my house that I had no electrical access. I did a bit of research with this product and two months later, I am stillAqonsie 2 pack outdoor solar lights happy I bought these units. First off, two units for $42 was worth every penny and setup took a matter of minutes. Now when my wife has to let our dog out in the backyard,  there is plenty of light.


  • -Motion detector trigger range can be set from 10 to 26 feet.
  • -A wireless remote allows you to easily configure the device. This is great because you don’t need to pull out a ladder in hard-to-reach areas.
  • -360 degrees of light coverage. 800 lumens.
  • -The product is very durable and can withstand pretty much any weather condition.
  • -3 Modes: Constant light, motion sensor, and light diming mode.

Posted on September 22, 2021

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