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Most Beautiful College Campuses


High school students make their decision on what college to attend based on many different factors. From everything like majors offered to sports teams, location, class size, etc.  All of these factors play a large part in how their next 4 years will play out. For us, a beautiful campus plays a major part in what we want to see in a college campus.

If a beautiful space is near the top of your must-have list, then a college with a breathtaking landscape and picture-worthy architecture is for you! For prospective college students, their parents, and those who appreciate a beautiful setting, we have our list of the most beautiful college campuses in the US!

Top 30 Most Beautiful Colleges


  1. 1. Rice University

  2. -Founded: 1912
  3. -Located: Houston, Texas
  4. 2. University of Washington

    -Founded: 1861
    -Located: Seattle, Washington

  5. 3. Cornell University

    -Founded: 1865
    -Located: Ithaca, New York

    university of Notre Dame

  6. 4. University of Notre Dame

    -Founded: 1842
    -Located: Notre Dame, Indiana

  7. 5. University of Chicago

    -Founded: 1890
    -Located: Chicago, Illinois

  8. 6. Stanford University

    -Founded: 1885
    -Located: Stanford, California

  9. 7. Duke University

    -Founded: 1838
    -Located: Durham, North Carolinaduke campus

  10. 8. University of Virginia

    -Founded: 1819
    -Located: Charlottesville, Virginia

  11. 9. William & Mary

    -Founded: 1693
    -Located: Williamsburg, Virginia

  12. 10. Flagler College

    -Founded: 1968
    -Located: St. Augustine, Florida

  13. 11. Berry College

    -Founded: 1902
    -Located: Mt Berry, Georgia

  14. 12. Syracuse University

    Syracuse University Campus-Founded: 1870
    -Located: Syracuse, New York

  15. 13. Baylor University

    -Founded: 1845
    -Located: Waco, Texas

  16. 14. Furman University

    -Founded: 1826
    -Located: Greenville, South Carolina

  17. 15. Georgetown University

    -Founded: 1789
    -Located: Washington, DC

    Harvard University campus

  18. 16. Rollins College

    -Founded: 1885
    -Located: Winter Park, Florida

  19. 17. Colgate University

    -Founded: 1819
    -Located: Hamilton, New York

  20. 18. Harvard University

    -Founded: 1636
    -Located: Cambridge, Massachusetts

  21. 19. Elon University

    -Founded: 1889
    -Located: Elon, North Carolina

  22. 20. College of Charleston

    Yale Unviersity-Founded: 1770
    -Located: Charleston, South Carolina

  23. 21. Bryn Mawr College

    -Founded: 1885
    -Located: Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

  24. 22. Yale University

    -Founded: 1701
    -Located: New Haven, Connecticut

  25. 23. Dartmouth College

    -Founded: 1769
    -Located: Hanover, New Hampshire

  26. 24. Salve Regina University

    -Founded: 1934
    -Located: Newport, Rhode IslandUPenn Campus

  27. 25. University of Pennsylvania

    -Founded: 1740
    -Located: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  28. 26. College of Holy Cross

    -Founded: 1843
    -Located: Worcester, Massachusetts

  29. 27. Lewis & Clark College

    -Founded: 1867
    -Located: Portland, Oregon

  30. 28. State University of New York College at Geneseo

    Princeton-Founded: 1867
    -Located: Geneseo, New York

  31. 29. Howard University

    -Founded: 1867
    -Located: Washington, DC

  32. 30. Princeton University

    -Founded: 1746
    -Located: Princeton, New Jersey

Posted on May 25, 2021

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