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Meet the 17-Year Cicadas


If you haven’t already heard about them, get ready to hear them.  Known as the Brood X 17- year cicadas, they only come into the light once every 17 years. It’s Brood X’s time to shine! The cicadas will be everywhere and they will be loud!

That’s if you live in one of the 15 states where cicadas are emerging from their hideaway and coming above ground, get ready! If you’re in one of the following Eastern states you may be lucky enough to experience them: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Georgia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Virginia, DC, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York.

What are cicadas?

After 17-years, the cicadas are now emerging. Known for the noise they make, cicadas are your typical bug.  There are over 3,390 varieties of cicadas throughout the world. However, it is the male cicada that is making all the noise you hear. There are 3 different cicada life cycles but the ones we are referring to are the periodical cicadas that emerge together after a specific period of time has elapsed. In this case, 17 years.brood 10 cicada

How many cicadas?

And we’re not talking a few cicadas, we’re talking millions, possibly trillions.  All of these cicadas will emerge from the ground but only a few will survive and have the opportunity to find a mate. At one time, there are too many cicadas in a certain area to be eaten entirely. That is why the cicadas thrive making this a continuous cycle. And then the 17-year cycle will start all over again with a new group of cicadas.

Are cicadas dangerous?

Don’t be scared!  As humans, there’s no need to be cautious of cicadas. It’s the cicadas that are the ones that should be concerned. They are eaten by everything, including humans! Just like the cicadas, some humans have been waiting for 17-years for the cicadas to return. People are even celebrating with cicada apparel and even earrings in the shape of cicadas!

Why do cicadas make noise?

The whole reason the cicadas are making their way above ground is to make romantic connections. And then head back underground for another 17 years.  That loud noise you are hearing is the mating call from the male cicadas attempting to find a mate. There will be no avoiding the noise. The noise will be loud and sometimes even compared to a lawnmower passing by!



So over the next few weeks if you are able to hear cicadas, don’t be scared by the loud noise you are hearing. Or if you see one, don’t be scared of the little guy. Cicadas are harmless and have been waiting for this opportunity for the past 17-years. Let them have their moment!

Posted on May 17, 2021

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